Friday Dreaming.....The Dining Room

It's that time again...the Dining Room. 

The dining room, kitchen and living room are all open to each other in the new house which I absolutely love! 

 Friday Dreaming short and sweet....

The table has already been's a beautiful 6(or 8 if we need) setting table made out of solid pine wood. We had 2 craftsmen custom make the table for us from wood that we purchased off of Kijiji for $150. In total the table cost just over $1000. 

What to do for chairs is still up in the air but we did acquire some antique chairs that am I thinking about refinishing and re-upholstering.

We figured out that they might be late 1800's or early 1900's Spanish style chairs. We have 12 of them! I plan on having 6 of them stained and fixed by the same craftsmen who built our table and then we will re-upholster the cushions.

I really like this fabric colour from 

tonic living

  When it comes to light fixtures I keep on leaning towards the lantern styles.



Last but not least I am really hoping I find the courage to paint one wall a navy blue...although there have been days where I just want to paint the entire house white so who knows.



Anything about your dining room that you love/hate? Have you ever used such a dark colour and regretted it?? I plan on sticking to mainly white and light colours in all other areas.