We Passed!!!!!!

A quick update on the Forever Home!!!

Today we had the inspection done on all of our electrical/framing and WE PASSED! I really had no doubt that we wouldn't but you still wonder if they are going to make you re-do anything which would have delayed us some more! I cannot handle anymore delays - we have baby coming remember!!!

Branko and his father did all of the electrical work in the house. I may have helped pull a few wires but bending over and being pregnant was no easy task! I really miss being able to help out more but this darn belly keeps getting in my way!

The electrical was all pulled through the basement and then into the floor joist to the panel.

This means more updates coming to the blog as we get started on the drywall! The walls itself will be pretty simple but the ceilings are going to be zero fun. I'm sure much swearing will happen.

No joke, our kitchen wall.

I'll be sure to follow up with a new post soon and better pictures of our kitchen wall. As you can see in the above picture the wall is 15ft high and we will be having zero cabinets. There will be a nice range hood to the left of the window and 2 lights right above the window but that is about it.

Have any ideas??????? Please feel free to share below and in my next post I plan on sharing what our thoughts our & how we plan to approach the wall.


With that being said I will leave you with this pretty view.....when driving home from town I have two options. Take the paved road home or take the side dirt road. On nice days I always take the side roads and that's my advice to all you country living people.

The side roads let your mind be free.

What!!! No Schedule!

It's Thurs and Branko has not sent me a schedule for the weekend! He must be confused or something and not realized the weekend is so close. 

We have about in exaggeration 3 million things to complete before the end of the month to stay on track and get the old house up for sale by June 30th. The list includes painting the house inside, replacing the vanity in the bathroom, painting the bathroom, replacing the carpet in the master bedroom, replacing some pieces of 2x6 wood pieces in the back deck and staining the deck, finish painting the window trims, finish the mudroom, and complete the second garage addition(yes we made a garage addition this was before we decided we were going to move). 

Did I forget anything??? Probably.... 

In between all of that I need time to visit my new little niece, attend my little sister's grad from UofT and start planning for the new house. 

I couldn't resist to add a picture, she's just too cute! 

So with all of that said do you normally create schedule's?? Sometimes they frustrate me and sometimes I love them. I told Branko going forward I would rather just see a list rather then a daily schedule and we will tackle it accordingly based on the weekend weather report. 

I'm sure once he reads this a "list" will arrive in my inbox. :) 

It's all in the biceps

Another amazing weekend of hard work added to the books. I am hoping by the end of the this home renovation I am going to have some serious arm muscle ;)


- remove 2 wood beams and replace with 2 steel beams

- remove downstairs sliding door and windows

- insert new French doors and insert 2 windows(re-using the ones from upstairs)

- remove sliding doors from upstairs level and insert new French door 

- clean up the basement and take all garbage to dump

- burn all the junk wood from the new house that has been collected 

- drive to buffalo 1.5 hrs. each way and order windows from Home Depot(yes I know this sounds crazy but we are saving around $2500.00) since we don't pay for gas and drive on vegetable oil it is totally worth it! 



The beams we were installing were 300lb beams replacing the old sagging wood beams. There were 3 of us. Let me repeat 3 of us....1,2,3 not 4 or 5 like I think we should have had. 

Old Beam 1:

New Beam 1:

Beam 2:

Branko who is 6'3 and very strong, his friend who I believe is 5'9 and pretty strong, and then me(extra help just in case) 5'7 and not so strong(that's an exaggeration...I am pretty strong but not compared to those boys). Attempt 1 failed we couldn't get it above our waists and the height that we needed to reach was about 6'2. Attempt 2 was also a fail and had me in a state of fear where I was sure the beam was going to come crashing down on my head. I'm sure I over exaggerated my fear because I am a worrier but none the less I was almost in tears. Our 3rd attempt was a success. After taking a break to breath and think about a better strategy we finally got that sucker in its place. 

PHEW right we are done!!! 

Not so much....we have one more longer more heavier beam to install. The second beam went much smoother with some pre-game plan ideas, it was up in no time. 

Next up remove the sliding door and windows which was a pretty easy task build a new frame for the door since the old one was rotted out. By 10pm at night Branko and I finally finished up our day. 

A view of the upper level and lower level:

We were able to finish installing the French doors downstairs, remove the windows from upstairs and relocate them to the downstairs spot where we wanted them. These windows were fairly new so we didn't want to just junk them. Since we were ordering all new windows for the upper level we decided that we could re-use those 2 windows for the lower level. The walk-out from the upper deck and the walk-out from the lower level are identical. So we were able to use the windows which was great! $400 in savings! :) 

While the guys were removing the sliding door downstairs I was able to clean out most of the basement. We had at least 2 truck loads of stuff that was left from the previous owners that we needed to clean out. So I kept myself busy piling up the garbage bags and loading up the the truck. 

On Sunday we made our trip to Buffalo with a stop at my parents for breakfast! It was nice to see them chit chat for a bit and then head over the border. We only needed to go to 3 stores(autozone, wal-mart, and home depot). Once we were done at Home Depot around 1pm we headed back home. Another stop at my parents to pick up some stuff(YAY for fresh eggs and brand new tri-pod for my camera) and then home bound. We arrived home around 4:30pm and of course headed over to the new house. We knew we had a few more things we wanted to get done before the weekend was over. We were able to finish burning almost all of the wood, fully installing the windows downstairs and levelling them off properly and also making an action plan for the week ahead of us. I usually get home around 5pm and Branko around 5:30pm. This allows us to eat a quick dinner and head over to the new house for a couple of hours each night. 

Our new windows will be here in 2 weeks time so we have a lot of work we need to get done before they arrive. 

So for the final results:


- remove 2 wood beams and replace with 2 steel beams

- remove downstairs sliding door and windows

- insert new French doors and insert 2 windows(re-using the ones from upstairs)

- remove sliding doors from upstairs level and insert new French door 

- clean up the basement and take all garbage to dump(well we finished 1/2 of this job still have about another truck load of garbage)

- burn all the junk wood from the new house that has been collected (another small fire will be needed tonight to finish this off) being the paranoid person that I am I didn't want to leave the house with the fire burning at all so we stopped to let the fire die down)

- drive to buffalo  1.5 hrs. each way and order windows from Home Depot(yes I know this sounds crazy but we are saving around $2500.00) since we don't pay for gas and drive on vegetable oil it is totally worth it! 

I am so excited the windows are ordered!!! They are going to be stunning and make such a drastic difference to the house. The 2 week count down is on until they arrive and we get to install them. Until then we plan to remove the rest of the garbage and install the French doors on the upper level. In the next 2 weeks we also plan to remove all of the old windows(6 of them) and frame everything for the new windows. Almost all of the windows are going to be larger so we have to build new frames. We will just put some plastic wrap in the empty spots for now and seal the open windows until the new ones arrive. This way we will be prepared and window installing will be able to be completed in one day! 

On a side note we had a visitor this weekend as well:

She had a field day playing around the creek in our backyard at the old house:

I also did some more organizing with the mason jars I found at our new house:

Mason jars

This weekend is Mother's Day so Sunday will be spent with my little sister and mom. We are taking her to the Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo! 

Looking forward to the week ahead of us and the work we have planned!! 

A post of just pictures :)

Lately I have been thinking about the new house more and more. I just can't wait for that day when everything is done. Brand new hard wood floors, that beautiful grey kitchen that I have been dreaming about and the huge windows installed covering the majority of the front of the house. That day when we can sit on the porch on soak in the peace and quiet and the sun. That day will come soon I know I just have to be patient. 

So today is just a post of pictures because all I do all day long is visualize what the place will look like when it's all done and how far we have come. 


Front Yard

"The old kitchen space"

"The new kitchen space" - as you can see we gutted the wall to the left in the picture. The kitchen will stretch out along that back wall, the existing window will be replaced with a larger window. The fridge will be hidden in that nook area with pantry style cupboards beside them. An island is also going to be installed. 


The grey kitchen I dream about.

"The dining area" - the windows are also being replaced here. One very large window will cover the existing window area and all the way down the floor. A new harvest dining table will sit here. That one wall with the red cedar is still up in the air. It was suggested that we do something bold like paint it black or white and match the railing. Thoughts people???

Dining Room 

The living room

"The now more open living room" - the wall is gone on the left side of this picture. A new patio door is being inserted, the walls will be drywalled and painted to make the place look more open and warm and less cabin style home. 

Living Room

Living Room

I will end this off with some puppy love. We think Boss is going to love his new home. 

Hope you all enjoy the gallery!