Dream Garage Re-build

Last year we started on one of the biggest projects over at the Forever Home. I named it the "The Dream Garage". Branko has worked all of his life really hard to save his money in hopes that one day he would have the garage of his dreams to ensure his classic cars were safely stored.

Picture from last year. Dream Garage 

When that day came last year I was over joyed for him. You see Branko is a child of war. His family ran from war torn former Yugoslavia when he was 11 years old. I can not even imagine what those days were like but I truly believe those moments in his life and the upbringing by his parents shaped him into the hard working man he is known to be. 

The Dream Garage was in full swing starting in late August planned to be finished by early November. We worked hard, we paid a couple of guys to help and in a little over a months time the garage was up. We were only missing the plywood on the roof when this happened. You can read the story in that link and imagine how I felt, like my heart was ripped out of me. Not for my pain but his. It was something he had worked so damn hard to have and then it was destroyed in minutes. 

Picture from last year. Dream Garage

The time is now that we re-build this beautiful structure!! It was mangled and I really believed it was going to be much more difficult. But with some help of amazing friends we started on the re-build over the weekend. The plan was to work Sat and Sun but because of the rain forecast we only worked on Saturday. 

Here is a small progress picture that I will share. Make sure you keep checking back in the coming weeks as more updates will be happening! 

Next weekend we continue on the garage all weekend then we have two weeks of working on the Forever Home. Long weekend will be dedicated to the Dream Garage again then 15 days to move in date! 

OH HEY - One last little look......(Branko worked all day Sunday on Forever Home Electrical)

The panel has been officially moved and 2 circuits have been set up, we will set up an appointment for safety on Monday and hopefully have power next Wed!!! 

As of tomorrow we are 30 days from move in date to the Forever Home!!!! Stay tuned as the blog will be busy in the next couple of weeks with many updates! 

When disaster strikes....Dream Garage Update

If you have been following along you would know that lately all I have been talking about is the dream garage, I wrote about it here and here

I had a great weekend planned, spending time with a friend Friday night and then Saturday morning heading to my parents place to spend the day with my mom and a little shopping trip to Buffalo.

We made it to Buffalo but no more than 20 min. into the shopping trip I received this horrible message from Branko: 

"Storm has flattened the garage" 

It couldn't be I thought, maybe the roof or plywood was ripped off. But no the entire garage was completely flattened.

The back wall buckled from the force of the wind once it fell backwards it pulled the front wall down and then the roof come straight down. 

We quickly picked up what we needed and headed home. My drive home from my parents is roughly 1 hour and 30 min. It's safe to say I cried almost the entire way home.

Big fat wet ugly sobbing tears. 

I get it, it's just a garage. Nobody was hurt but I couldn't stop thinking about the long hours of work we put into that garage.

This section is the worse part as it sits dangerously and will be the toughest to get apart.

This section is the worse part as it sits dangerously and will be the toughest to get apart.

Standing from further away the front wall is sitting on the ground almost like somebody just pushed it over. 

Standing from further away the front wall is sitting on the ground almost like somebody just pushed it over. 

At the end of the weekend we also received some devastating news about a family member passing away and it put all of this in perspective, the garage destroyed didn't matter so much any more. You can take pieces of wood apart and put them back together but when life is taken from you so suddenly you cannot have that back.

Please note none of the quotes are my own and were all selected from my saved quotes pinterest board randomly found on pinterest. (http://www.pinterest.com/danica19/quotes/)

Raise the Roof - Dream Garage Update

I won't bore you with details again of the garage. You can read about this




where I previously talked about "Dream Garage" plans.

A little reminder of what it will look like once it's all done. 

It's pretty amazing to think that this all came together in under 2 months. We had about 3 weeks of waiting for the trusses to arrive and they were finally delivered last week.

So without further wait here are some updated pictures of the dream garage!

 I had a hard time fitting the entire garage in the picture **hint to family members I would really really like a wide lens for my camera for Christmas/Birthday - the only time I will ever allow you to combine my gift ;) **

This picture was taken from about 150 ft away and because of the trees I couldn't get a snapshot of the entire garage **wide lens camera hint insert here again**

You are probably wondering..."Hey, how did she get that shot of the ceiling" Well there is a very high hill that needs to be pushed away right beside the garage. This still needs work but allows us to take some cool close ups of the trusses. Take note how you can barely see the end. 

The next phase for "Dream Garage" is to put the plywood up on the walls and order the steel roof which takes 4 days for delivery. We are hoping to have the roof completed by the end of October. 

Keep your eye out for "Dream Garage" updates!! 

Garage Update - Dream Garage

Just a quick update on the garage as I am on vacation! The garage will have an ongoing garage update posts and I feel like it needs a special title that can be continuous.... Man Cave, Dream Garage..a co-worker calls it the Man Mansion...What should I call it??

Over the weekend we worked on putting up the walls, the first day was long and tiring but the second day seemed to motor along really quickly. 

If you've just started following along you can check out the details of the garage details


Six garage doors in the front, 2 man doors at each end, and 2 large windows on each pop out. 

The trusses will take 4 weeks to be ordered so for now this is how it will sit and during this time we will work on the house, so stay tuned for more updates!

I will leave you with this picture I was able to snap this morning, it was nice and dewy here with a red tint in the sky....

Hope you all have a great last week of summer and a Happy Long Weekend!