Hillside Casa Diary Series Jan. 23-29

This update should have been completed by yesterday but I had no time so here it is......

I started writing this post on Tuesday the 24th and we were already behind in the work that needed to be done. All hope was not lost though because we cleaned out most of our living area which meant Branko should have put up the remaining mud and we would have been golden for Thursday. 

WELL..... sadly we didn't get everything finished. Branko put on the remaining mud on Thursday and we had to wait almost all day for it to dry. We were only able to start sanding Thursday afternoon which really put us behind since we wanted to be done sanding by Thursday night. 

Friday rolled around and we managed to finish sanding everything to only realize that a ton of touch ups needed to be done. This house gains sunlight ALL day long and any imperfections are sure to be seen. Since Branko is so picky he wouldn't let it go. ME on the other hand, I was that annoying wife that kept saying...just leave it. Dominik is going to ruin these walls anyways. LOL. 

My mom showed up Saturday afternoon and we were still sanding and cleaning. SO MUCH CLEANING. She watched Dominik for us in the one clean room we have and we continued working. 

We woke up early Sunday morning to do one last swipe at the walls and started priming around 9:45 am. I am pretty sure we took a break at 10:30 am. 


BREAK @ 11:45 am 

BREAK @ 1 pm 

BREAK @ 2:30 pm 

BREAK @ 3:45 pm 


I also drank a coffee at each one of those breaks. 

SOOOOO what did we actually get done. Well we primed ALL of the walls and most of the ceiling. 

There is a good chance we won't get much done this week, the new plan is to finish priming everything even a second coat by Saturday night. 

As always check me out on Instagram and check back in next week to see how much more we got done! 



Hillside Casa Diary Series Jan. 16 - 22

I am going to start writing weekly diary updates on the work we completed for the prior week. I hope it will make me feel like stuff is getting done around here. We finished priming our master bedroom, bathroom and closet. We need to then move ALL of our stuff in that room so we can sand the living room, dining, and kitchen areas. 

The truth is if we never had to hang, mud, or sand drywall again we would always be "feeling good" to work. I swear we have every excuse in the book to not get this job completed. 

Even though it doesn't sound like much the task of priming 2500 sq ft is more daunting then we thought it would have been. Some weekly updates might be long and filled with photos but as you know priming is not exactly the most exciting, so this week this is all you get. 

Standing in our master bedroom looking into the closet and bathroom. 

This week's plan is to finish the last coat of primer in the closet and get the mud in the living room, dining, and kitchen done. That leaves us with Thursday and Friday to sand all of those areas. Saturday and Sunday we will prime. Stay tuned for next week's update to actually see if we finish all of that! 

If you are really nosy you can follow me on Instagram where I will be posting some insta stories and live updates of our progress.