Mudroom/Entrance Inspiration

Before I start this post can you all clear something up for me or at least voice your opinion in the comments. Do you call it a mudroom or main entrance??? Our main entrance is massive, 400 sq ft to be exact. It will be used like a mudroom though by storing all of our outdoor wear, it will have a powder room, stairs leading to the basement & a very long bench for storage.

What would you call it? I feel like main entrance is bit more classy so maybe I should stick with that. 

Now that I have cleared that all up back to why I am here today. We have finally started working on the inside of our home again and the main entrance is our first room that we need to tackle. We installed pine wood paneling on the ceiling and large stone tiles will go on the floor. Other then that I have no idea what else I want. I am unsure of what colour to paint the walls or should we keep it neutral with a feature wall. I love black doors but should I do a black door handle as well(I already bought a black door handle....try not to be too opinionated on that one!) 

If you follow me over on Instagram you will know I am obsessed with the doors we found on Kijiji. They were only $100 for the pair and come from an old church in Toronto. They certainly needed a ton of repair but with the cost of entrance doors these days we still saved close to $4000. My dad built a frame for us and Branko watched some YouTube videos to learn how to put it all together. We've installed our hardware (ie: that black door handle noted above) and decided to keep the metal plates on one side from the original door. The one thing we have not decided on is to stain or paint the doors. There is so much to factor in before we do that, like the colour of our board & batten outside. 

For inspiration I keep coming back to this photo which for the life of me I cannot find the owner, so if you know the designer of this space please share! 

Original source of this photo can be found here. The designer is Stephen Knollenberg. 

Everything about this photo makes me happy! When we purchased this home they left us an old round solid wood table so I plan on using that in place of how that square one is above. The middle of the room has become wasted space, so I am happy to be able to fill it. 

Those are our doors above! Not the best photo yet, we are waiting until Friday since it's supposed to be above normal temps to install them. There have been many opinions on my Instagram about staining or painting them. 

Above is the hardware! Again, horrible photo! ICK - blogger fail. But once we have them installed I will take some better photos including what they look like from the outside and inside. 

LASTLY - paint or stain????????????