Easy Broccoli Soup for Toddlers

Raise your hand if you have a picky toddler in the house! I picture all of you jumping up and down shouting ME ME. No - just me eh?! This is definitely pay back for what a horrible eater I am. No seriously - that shit is real when your parents tell you "You just wait till you have kids". 

Here is a grand list of things Dominik will eat without us distracting him till our faces our blue. Oat cereal, banana, yogurt, egg & fish. THIS IS NOT MY CHILD. I hated all of those things and now this is all he wants to eat. 

Why am I blabbering about all of this you wonder, well today I am going to share with you a recipe that is simple and easy to fill with foods your child normally won't take on their own. BEFORE all of you judgy moms come around save it OK. As long as he is eating something healthy I don't care how he consumes it. 

OK - back to my magical recipe. 

I did not make the main ingredient, it is store bought(this is this biggest parent fail isn't it). I buy the Imagine Organic Creamy Broccoli soup and us it as a base. Heat up a full bowl and stick in the fridge to cool down while you cook everything else. I've added a slide show of pictures from the soup box if you want to know the ingredients & other info. 

Next up I boil some carrots to soften. Usually 1/2 to 1 full carrot. (peeled and washed of course). Once soft I smash them with a fork and mix in the soup. 

Then I boil some baby pasta. Specifically this toddler mini pasta from PC Organic Line. I make close to 1/2 cup. I never measure. Just grab two small handfuls.  

Lastly, I add hemp hearts. Is that safe for toddlers. I hope so. LOL 

The great part is you can add whatever you want. Dominik seems to love this brand of soup noted above. Especially the broccoli one and he tends to not notice all of the other foods I have added. 

Spill your secrets for getting your toddler to eat in the comments below PLEASE!