Never a dull moment....

I haven't updated the blog in a while only because we haven't been to the new house in weeks. I decided it is not really fare to give all of this attention to the new house and I should talk a bit about the old house. 

This morning I got an email from the hubby and it was sort of a "to do" list for what needs to be completed: 


Wednesday April 11th we should have the following done:

- Wood staked behind the garage(this wood is about 3ft high)
- Dirt moved from the front lawn to the back of the garage (there is about 2 truck loads of dirt)
- Lawn levelled and seeded (almost 1 acre)
- Plant trees on the front lawn (4 trees to plant)
- 3 Stumps removed and burned
- Deck repaired and stained
- All trim in the house completed
- Roof Shingles replaced
- Bushes planted, flower beds cleaned (we have 6 flower beds)

Then all that is left to do:

- Finish the garage
- Redo the driveway in clear gravel
- Paint the windows on the house
- Fireplace
- Chimney from the outside


Normally my reaction would be WTF!!! This will never get done by April 11th(7 days away) but if I know my husband any better it will definitely all be done. We have Good Friday, Easter Monday and Tues off. Our progress has been outstanding considering we have full time jobs and have only been working in the evenings and weekends. 


I'm going to leave it at that today, I will update the progress next week! Wish me luck!!!  



Beautiful moments...

This weekend was so beautiful out that we decided it would be best to stay at our old home and continue on our yard work. We need to get the old place ready   so that when the new place is move in ready and we can move in put the old one up for sale. 

What a great weekend for working outside! We had some somber moments though, every time we sat down to take a break we thought about all of the special moments we had in this home. Our new home is only 5 min away but there are some big differences in the land. The old home was only 2.5 acres and the new home is 49 acres! (lots of hiking/mountain biking trails). The old home had this beautiful creek that was a part of our back yard with a waterfall that we will miss dearly(pretty sure Boss our dog will miss it too!). We sat back and thought about all of good times. We got engaged in this home! Took our engagement pictures on our own property, Branko built his first dream garage and our back yard bon-fires were always so much fun. It will definitely be sad to leave this place but the new place has so many great features as well. That deck will be our new coffee/tea location. Something we both look forward too when we get home on those nice summer nights after work. The peace and quiet will also be a huge factor. Our old home was close to a main road and you can hear the cars zooming bar all summer long since it was a main road to Cottagers. The new home is far enough from this road that when we sit on the deck all we can hear is the wind blowing the trees. 

Here is a picture of our current back yard, as beautiful as this area is we never spent much time down there. There was not much sun and it was further away from our house. 


So to end it off, I am pretty sure we have already spent more time at our "favorite spot" at our new house. 

Looking forward to new memories.....

Sometimes I surprise myself...

Another weekend of home renovating and without power to boot! We went to the house Friday after work to find a letter at our door. We have been so busy in between the 2 houses and fixing our cars that we forgot to switch over the Hydro information. This was me :(. I tend to get cold very easily so instantly I had this fear of how the hell am I going to work in there all weekend with no heat!!! It didn't help that it was cold and windy outside. The plan for this weekend was to restructure the walls we were removing and install new beams to match the existing beam and also gut the remaining washroom covered in tiles on the wall. One of Branko's good friends showed up to help out since lifting a beam was probably going to be unsafe for me to tackle so as they were working on that I was starting to get very cold. Branko suggested I start removing some drywall off of one of the walls. 

I tried and tried and let me tell you when I watched them remove the other drywall it looked so darn easy! Well it's not!!! I picked up that hammer made a large enough opening but my strength was just not there to rip off the dry wall :(. Sad face again I sat down feeling defeated. At this point I was freezing, couldn't feel my fingers. I was bundled up in a t shirt, sweater and jacket with 2 pairs of thick socks and very warm Ugg boots. I wanted to just go home! My husband being the manly man that he is suggested I stop whining and go to the washroom and try to remove the tile from the wall. Success!!! This was a lot more fun then I thought it would be. Still not an easy task as some of the tiles came off so easy but others were just not budging! Still I finished most of the washroom and also warmed up very quickly. Even removed my jacket :)  

Check out our new beam!!! (Side note you can see on the side of that wall where I attempted to rip out drywall)

And course my bathroom work :)

Weekend was a success and we completed all of the tasks we set out for our self. We even had a visit from our new neighbors and there 4 kids. They were kind enough to invite us over once we were done for day. They seem like great people, looking forward to more visits and new friendships! 

This coming week we have a lot planned out...ordering all of the windows and a new sliding door, starting on our electrical work and building some new walls. 

Here is a final picture once we were completed Sunday night and cleaned up! 

This weekend it's supposed to be +13 on Sunday. Branko and I have a coffee date on our deck, we are totally looking forward to it! 

Let the games begin(reno games that is!)

So we finally got started on the reno's in our new home!!! How exciting...correct! Well not so correct....we have had an array of problems with our cars which is really putting a dent into our time and funds for renovating. Somehow we are managing and not allowing it to damper our moods! 

Here is a picture mid way....

And the kitchen over course....

We finally got into the new house last weekend and in 4 hours (with the help of a friend) were able to rip out the kitchen and some walls that needed to come down. Our decorator asked us to try and get the kitchen cleared out and also take down 2 of the walls so we could have a more clear view of what the new kitchen dimensions would be and also what the structure was like under some of those walls. Mostly all good news! We have to add some extra support structures but other then that most the of existing structure is in good condition and made fairly well. We were able to head over to the house Wed night and clear out at least 10 bags of garbage. One of the greatest things about living in the country is that they pick up more then 2 bags!! ;) On Thurs we headed back over there to finish up some more cleaning and get it ready for the weekend to go over and take measurements. 

Feels so good to have this start! Before we started the gutting of the place we estimated it would take us 2-4 days to clear out the kitchen/living/dining area...we were almost dead on for time. It took us probably combined 3 days. Hopefully our goal of moving in within 3-4 months is correct as well!! 

Pictures now of the clean up... 

Good bye kitchen..... 

Up next disconnecting the electrical, adding some new beams and figuring out window dimensions....

Until next time happy renovating!!!