Ginger & Turmeric Latte

Let me preface this post by saying I AM A COFFEE LOVER. I can drink coffee all day long, it has no effect on me. I simply really love the taste. But because I have some slight digestive issues, I normally try to keep my coffee intake to 3 a day. That's a challenge for me, especially since my husband loves TEA! On the weekends whenever we sit down to take a break from working, go for a drive somewhere or playing with Dominik. He always says " COFFEE & TEA?" It's our thing. We usually have a coffee & tea after dinner and he always has a tea before bed. 

Last week I was having a particularly bad day with my stomach so I decided to pick up some Ginger-Aide tea from Zehrs. I figured I would mix it with honey and lemon, it wouldn't be so bad. I've tried so many different tea's. I can't seem to pick up the taste.  

Boring ginger tea wasn't cutting it for me, so I decided to try my hand at the latest "cool" drink called Golden Milk. It seems to be everywhere. All I knew was most people used fresh ginger, (I'm too lazy for that) turmeric and Almond Milk (it tastes very gross with Cashew Milk FYI) Regular milk works as well. 

Boil 1 cup of Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, add 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp maple syrup and 1 tsp vanilla (YES I know vanilla is in the milk but I LOVE vanilla). Once boiled pour over ginger-aide tea bag and let steep for close to 10 minutes. Add a dash of cinnamon. 

Pretty simple! Don't be turned off by the colour, it actually tastes really good! If you happen to try it out make sure you share over on Instagram using #hclatte or tag my Instagram Handle so I can see your drinks! 


Easy Broccoli Soup for Toddlers

Raise your hand if you have a picky toddler in the house! I picture all of you jumping up and down shouting ME ME. No - just me eh?! This is definitely pay back for what a horrible eater I am. No seriously - that shit is real when your parents tell you "You just wait till you have kids". 

Here is a grand list of things Dominik will eat without us distracting him till our faces our blue. Oat cereal, banana, yogurt, egg & fish. THIS IS NOT MY CHILD. I hated all of those things and now this is all he wants to eat. 

Why am I blabbering about all of this you wonder, well today I am going to share with you a recipe that is simple and easy to fill with foods your child normally won't take on their own. BEFORE all of you judgy moms come around save it OK. As long as he is eating something healthy I don't care how he consumes it. 

OK - back to my magical recipe. 

I did not make the main ingredient, it is store bought(this is this biggest parent fail isn't it). I buy the Imagine Organic Creamy Broccoli soup and us it as a base. Heat up a full bowl and stick in the fridge to cool down while you cook everything else. I've added a slide show of pictures from the soup box if you want to know the ingredients & other info. 

Next up I boil some carrots to soften. Usually 1/2 to 1 full carrot. (peeled and washed of course). Once soft I smash them with a fork and mix in the soup. 

Then I boil some baby pasta. Specifically this toddler mini pasta from PC Organic Line. I make close to 1/2 cup. I never measure. Just grab two small handfuls.  

Lastly, I add hemp hearts. Is that safe for toddlers. I hope so. LOL 

The great part is you can add whatever you want. Dominik seems to love this brand of soup noted above. Especially the broccoli one and he tends to not notice all of the other foods I have added. 

Spill your secrets for getting your toddler to eat in the comments below PLEASE! 

Quality Outdoor Wear for Country Living

Sharing with you today a few quality pieces of outdoor wear that I have been using for over 2 years now. My reviews are all my own and not sponsored or paid in any kind of way. I wrote last week all about Country Living - are you cut out for it and today I wanted to share some items that are staples in my house. 

I would like to make it clear that I understand these items are all on the higher price end but after testing out other brands I can definitely say the investment is worth it! If you shop at the right time of the year you can usually get them on sale, saving anywhere between $25 - $50. 

First lets talk footwear! 

The first boots are the UGG Adirondack Boot Leather and are priced at $298. They come in a tall version and several different colours. The second boot is the women's Kesey boot and they are priced at $198. After trying them on they are really comfortable and have a side zipper which makes them easy to slip on. The adirondack boots are so warm that going to the mall or grocery shopping they made my feet too hot! I love the Kesey boot because I live in the country and needed something with good grip and would still keep my feet warm. I saw these black ones on the website the UGG Simmens, they are on my wish list for next year! 

Once the warmer whether rolls around our backyard and driveway tend to get muddy because our landscaping isn't done yet. I stick to my Hunter Short boots since they keep my feet dry. They are a long lasting boot. I picked up both of those colors on sale and snagged them for under $100. I had a tall pair that lasted me 4 years but the tall pair were a huge pain to get off of my feet. I love love love the short version! Your legs don't get hot, they are easy to slip on and off, and you can usually get them for a good price. The Hunter boots have great grip on the soles which is important for our deck that can be slippery at times. 

I cannot tell you how many winter jackets I've cycled thru when I finally decided to make the plunge and invest in a good quality winter jacket. This jack from North Face has been a life saver. One time when we first moved here we had a major snow storm and could not drive up our 400 ft long driveway. We had to walk! In the dark and in snow up to above my knees. Thankfully I had this jacket with me, the wind was so crazy and I remember my husband didn't have any proper winter wear on, he was freezing!!! Me....I was good! This jacket reaches down to almost my knees. The hood is built so well, it stays on and covers a good portion of your face. 

My last item I wanted to share were these gloves! We've have gone thru so many pairs of gloves and have both come to an agreement that these very unattractive looking bright yellow gloves are a country girls dream come true. My poor hands were always so cold and wet whenever I would bring firewood into the house. With these gloves I was never cold. We received these specific gloves as a Christmas gift. I think these from Walmart are very similar in style. They have to be thinsulate and preferable leather on the outside and a good lining on the inside. 


My last picture is some beautiful scenery from my front yard, hope you enjoyed the info I shared above. As usual if you have any questions about country living please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below! Don't be shy please share any tips you may have because I am definitely not an expert and have a ton of learning to do myself!  

You can catch me on Instagram where I share real life stories about our home build and country living! 

Country Living - Are you cut out for it?


A portion of our back yard, we have 49 acres mostly forest with many walking trails. 

If I am being really honest when I shared with my family my plans to move out to the country with Branko they all rolled there eyes in disbelief.

"You are not cut out for the country!!"

Who gets to decide that?? Nobody will know if they are cut out for country living until they try. I knew I had to give it a chance. Branko's first home was much smaller with only 2 1/2 acres of land and small house. He did most of the outside yard work and I helped with mundane things like gardening. 

When we moved to the new house it was pretty clear I would have to step up my country living skills! I cut the lawn for the first time on our riding lawn mower. I can actually admit (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell Branko) it was relaxing! 

My current biggest helping hand is to ensure the firewood is stacked under the porch. Branko does so much that it's important I help where ever I can. Funny enough, I find this oddly relaxing as well. I kind of hate when he does it. He doesn't stack the wood neatly like I like too and that drives me a little bananas. It's so quiet here that doing this work provides me with some much needed exercise and time to reflect. 

The reason I wanted to share these thoughts with you today is because I always get asked..."so do you really love it out here"....and my answer will forever be YES. If you have any doubts about moving to the country whether it be the yard maintenance or commuting or how your kids will get to school OR gasp where do you get your groceries, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. I am more then willing to share tips I have learned over the years that has made living in the country the same as living in the city.

Lastly.......DO your research! If you found a home you love test it out early one morning to see what the commute might be like or drive to the closest town and check out the local shops. 

Now for some fun I made a little video so you can all have a little laugh and in an upcoming post I will share some of my favorite outdoor gear to ensure I am always warm!