A new chimney

First off, with Instagram making it so easy to post my picture updates I have become a horrible blogger. I write here so that every step we take in building the Forever Home is documented. Hopefully you have a chance to popover to my Instagram and follow along as well!


You may be wondering why in the world would we want to rebuild the entire chimney, well we had many good reasons....

  1. The old chimney was now lower then the roof, it had to be built up to reach the new roof.
  2. The old chimney we discovered was actually seeping, no beuno...very unsafe.
  3. The old chimney was double the size it had to be, therefore taking up extra room.
  4. The old chimney was not centered

The last reason was the most annoying one, when we initially thought we were keeping the old chimney we had a very difficult time trying to center the fireplace and getting the attachments in place. We also had to make the fireplace much wider then we would have preferred.

Your next question might be...did you pay somebody to rebuild it. Nope, nada, no way, not on Branko's time. He knew it wouldn't be easy but he also knew he could save over $3000 by doing this work himself. Thankfully my dad who has all the patience in the world offered to come for two days and help.

The first step was to completely dismantle the old chimney. The very top part and the very bottom were the most difficult. Branko used a special tool to help chip away the concrete that seals the cinder blocks together. It took us 4 nights with around 3 hours of work each night.

The second step we had to prepare the basement to ensure the area was clean. An old furnace and the old chimney were partly in the way. He also had to cut out some holes in the floor and roof.

The third step...rebuild!! They were able to finish half of the work in one day. The upper part of the chimney was much more difficult as they had to carry the cinder blocks up the ladder.

I hope one day our new fire place looks like this.....

We plan on using a similar stone like in this picture and bringing the stone all the way to the ceiling which is around 15ft. Picture was sourced here.

Currently we will be using this fireplace more then likely for the winter until we finish the interior of the house.

We found this fireplace on Kijiji last year for $200. It was really worn down and faded, so we bought fire safe spray paint and gave it a fresh coat.

For now, the house will stay in the crazy condition. The shingles on the roof should be done in 10 days. Next up we do the wiring in the ceiling and then finish the insulation. It's pretty cold in this area since it's not properly insulated so we are thankful that we are close to that stage.