Forever Home Update - New Roof

The new roof has been finished for almost a month now but I had no drive to write about it. Not because I wasn't excited but because the only new pictures I could take of the front of the house to show the new roof line also included the current state of the "junk yard" that was building up. Every time I see a new blog post from somebody the pictures are always so perfect, the setting, the colours, the back drop....I kept on thinking who wants to look at my junk yard.  

Well guess what, this little blog of mine it's full of our memories of this building process the good and the bad. All the hard work the two of us are putting into the Forever Home. So please if you are looking for perfect pictures and dreamy scenery it will come one day just not yet......I hope you stick around for the journey. I hope it encourages and shows people that not everything is perfect behind the scenes of blogs. Accidents happen, things brake, and if you are anything like us everything changes at lightning speed. 

Here is a look of the old roof line with no additions, old windows/doors, and over grown gardening. 

Pretty crazy looking back at this, just 2 short years ago and 2 homes later this is how our Forever Home looks now...

The shingles on the old part of the house had to be replaced, once we started removing them we realized the plywood had to be replaced as well. 

The front facade of the house will be grey board and batten siding with stone features beside french doors, each corner of the house, and stone feature at the new entrance where the roof is over hanging. 

We have a done a ton more work since this photo was taken, next week I will show you the real fun stuff on the inside which is making this home feel so much more welcoming! 

Tell you ever hesitate to write a blog post because you are waiting for that perfect picture??