Forever Home Update - 60 days

We have 60 days left before we have to move to the Forever Home. 

Over the weekend we started the build of the new front deck...(more on that on another post but here is a quick look) 

Things we changed - widened it by 3 ft on each side, lengthened it by 2 ft, and added 4 pillars that will be clad in stone. 

In reality we probably should be a lot more worried but for some reason we have this slow pace to our work days. 

Things we need to do:

  1. Complete the fascia and eaves troughs
  2. Finish protective wrap on the outside 
  3. Insulate the floor in the additions
  4. Screw down the joists in both additions
  5. Install the stairs in the new location
  6. Move the electrical panel
  7. Re-wire the old part of the house and start wiring for new additions
  8. Finish plumbing in old part of house and start plumbing in additions
  9. Foam in all the windows and doors
  10. Dry wall entire house
  11. Tape, Mud, and sand (the only thing we are paying for) 
  12. Move all of our stuff to the new house 

I think I missed a lot of steps but I would rather not have a complete breakdown as I write this.

I accept free help.