The art of trespassing

Trespass  - is an area of tort law broadly divided into three groups: trespass to the person, trespass to chattels and trespass to land.

As you know (or might not know) we bought a new home with 50 acres of land. We have 2 streets that we can use to access the land.

One street is the main street with a driveway that curves up a hill to the house. We also created a smaller driveway going towards the bush where in which we thought we were going to use for the dream garage. 

If you look to the far right you can see a driveway going towards the opposite way. 

The second street is a smaller dead end street, but you can access our walking trails if you continue to the end of that street. 

Our first trespasser was our "friendly" old neighbor. Who told us that for the last 10 years she had been hiking on our property. She shared with us how she liked to cut down small trees and that she had yearly hiking parties with her lady friends from the city. We kindly told her she had to stop because we own the land now and don't want anybody to get hurt back there - she stormed off and never talked to us again. 

Our second trespasser were dirt bikers. Last year we caught them as they thought that our front lawn would be fun to ride on. We chased them down in our car, caught up to them as they were on the side of the road about 8 km away trying to load up their bikes. We took their licence plates and kindly advised them they better not ever think of coming back. 

Our third trespasser was a couple. We work at the Forever Home all day and then go to the old house to take breaks(they are about 1.5 km away from each other). Saturday night around 8 pm (still broad daylight) we drove back to the Forever Home to make sure we put all the tools away and locked everything up. You can imagine our shocked faces when we pulled up and started driving towards the house to see something happening in the other driveway. What is that!!!!! Oh yes that is some guys bare ass hanging out for every passer by on the street to see and the girl on the trunk of the car (as I am writing this I can just imagine if people driving by thought it was US the new owners of the house under construction!!) I'm not sure what was going through that girls mind when we stopped the car and got out because she held her legs up for a good 5secs after. They jumped into their own car not without hearing me yell get there licence plate I'm calling the police. 

This story gets better......

We locked up and left to go home...ummmmmmmmmmmm the idiots parked in the  next neighbors drive way to get dressed. We blocked them in and Branko got out to have a conversation with them. It ended up being they were friends with the first home owner on the street and was having a party. Guess they felt the need to get away for a couple of minutes. We know that home owner fairly well so we went over the next day and had a little chat with him. 

You know how the saying goes: "Third times a charm" 


Do you have a story to tell me of your own art of trespassing adventure??? How do you deal with trespassers? We have yet to lay any charges but let it be known that we won't hesitate if we catch somebody again.