Forever Home Update - 3 Days to Move In

I've been absent around here for good reason. We have a million different things happening and on most days I don't know which way my head is spinning. 

We move in 3 days to the Forever Home...THREE FREAKIN DAYS. The small problem is we still don't have water. I believe magic will happen and by Friday water will be running. If not I feel sorry for my co-workers on Monday morning.  


Current state of the house. 

More exciting news is we bought a new car!!! Yes, in all of our madness we had to buy a new car because sadly my veggie running car died. We had enough. This is where you guys come in to help me out!! All of you gas paying drivers which credit card do you prefer for collecting points? I am thinking about signing up for a PC Financial card since I shop for most of my groceries at Zehrs (country version of Loblaws/Superstore) 


2014 Passat 

Dream Garage Re-build is in full effect!! The roof has been restructured and put back up. If you are new here and wondering why it was put BACK up read this post


Can you spot me???? 

Can you spot me???? 

Check back next week as lots of things will be going on around here!!!