Well Water Maintenance.....Forever Home Update

This is a long overdue post that I've really been wanting to talk about, if you live in the country you more then likely have a well to supply your water. 

There are two different types of wells that we've had experience with, a dug well and a drilled well. The old house had a dug well and the pump mechanism was different then the one at the new house.  

Sooooo back to the beginning, because of all of the renovations at the Forever Home and the fact that we were not living there we had the water turned off. All of the plumbing was going to be changed and moved. Over the horrendous winter we had last year the existing pump cracked (there must have been water left in the system). We didn't think much of it, figured a couple of days before we move in we would buy a new pump and re-connect the system and have water.  

The old pump (as in ancient from the 70's)


Not so fast skipper!!! We quickly found out it wasn't going to be that easy. Because our well was drilled 155ft we needed an extra large pump that wasn't carried at most stores. One day before move in we were frantically calling around when we finally found someone who could order the pump for us. On Friday, the move in day we finished moving all of stuff and then went into action to connect the water pump. 


That was my hashtag for 5 days. 

The water would just not pump out. So we researched A LOT. With the research we discovered we might have a couple of issues. There is a small valve at the bottom of your hoses at the bottom of your 155 ft well.  


ask me how heavy 2 - 155 ft hoses are???!!!!! So heavy that we had to hook them up to the bobcat to pull them out. 

That black stuff on the bottom is Iron build up

Once we pulled out the hoses we discovered they were fully encased in this black stuff (iron build up).  

Hurray!!!!!!! We thought we solved the problem. Cleaned everything, bought new parts and dropped the hoses back into the hole.  

A not so happy husband, with Iron build up on his head. That's a new valve at the bottom with no more Iron


Yup, you read the correctly. What could be the issue now, no water in the well?? a kink in the hose letting air in?? Shit, Shit, shit we have to pull the hose out again. 

Ummmmmmm not a chance you would catch me down there especially at night


By the time Tuesday came around we called 3 well maintenance companies none of which called us back. We spoke with our parents and co-workers hoping somebody could tell us where we might be going wrong plus a ton more research on the internet. Tuesday morning Branko read somewhere that your pump needs a valve that should be only half way open. Ummmmmmm he knew we did not have this valve on the pump so he called the company immediately and asked about it. 

The response: "ohhhhhhhhh ya, you def. need that valve or else you will NEVER get water"  

Isn't this a fitting quote

Hope you learned something here! If you have any well issues feel free to leave a comment below, I am certainly no expert but sure did learn a lot.