How to get your best deal on appliances

We have been living in the Forever Home for just over a month now, and just after we moved in our laptop took a turn for the worse and blogging on an iPad is zero fun so I haven't had a chance to update you on some fun things that have been going on around here!

Appliance shopping can be one of the most stressful, decision-making situations when being a home owner. The costs of appliances are usually very high and with all of the different options they have with newer technology it can become very confusing.

After living in the new home for two days I started shopping for a washer and dryer. We desperately needed it before the end of the week since our clean clothes options were becoming slim.

I spotted this Samsung duo in Lowe's and knew immediately this is what I wanted. They were the largest washer and dryer on the market. The washer was a top loader which was high on my must have list. The dryer had options for steaming clothes and a special rack for drying shoes. In my mind they were the Cadillac of washer and dryers out there. 

Sounds fantastic, right??? Well the price of this duo was not so fantastic. The washer original price was $1498 and dryer $1498 as well (Lowe's pricing). At Home Depot they were $1498 each. I knew that Branko had no interest in spending that much money on appliances but I also knew that I needed these in my home!

NOW I will tell you how I bought this set and saved myself $1000!!!!!

First stop was Lowe's. The washer was on sale for $1299 and the dryer on sale for $1199. No wheeling and dealing here because nobody was around to help me. 

Next stop, Home Depot. Did you know that Home Depot will match the price and give an additional 10% off. Home Depot had this washer and dryer by chance on the floor (another customer purchased it but didn't measure that they were not standard size and it wouldn't fit in her house.) When I was told this I asked what her best offer was, considering it was technically "used". It had minor scratches on it. Nope. That was the answer no budging on the price. She even tried to convince me to just buy a new set at the same price. I wasn't happy with that so I left.

Third stop, Future Shop. I was pretty firm on my last stop. I walked in, told the guy what I wanted, and that I only wanted to pay $2000 for the pair (originally they cost $3000). I told him what Home Depot was offering me. He hummed and hawed. Then he said, "You are going to buy them today?" I responded, "Yes, and if you give these to me for $2000, I will be back to buy a fridge, stove, and dishwasher"

Yes, this is the state of our Laundry Room. Yes. this is an iPhone picture.


SOLD!!! He even threw in the shipping cost of $50!

Some final thoughts:

1. Don't waiver on your price and stay firm.

2. Know your prices and product, when you are knowledgeable the sales person takes you more seriously. 

3. Try to find a location that has at least 3 different stores in close proximity. (In Brampton @ Bovaird Future Shop and Home Depot are in the same parking lot. Lowe's just down the street).

4. Last but not least be patient. Sales people can be pushy and sometimes really push your last nerve. If you become rude it's a sure thing they won't want to work with you.

Update: the washer/dryer duo are still on sale but for even cheaper now! I am sure you could nab these for $1800!!!