Forever Home Floor Plan Update

If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed some new pictures popping up in regards to the Forever Home. Initially we really had no plans on expanding the house anymore but when it came time to move in Branko realized that the third room was more like an office and not a bedroom.

We had to make a big decision before we continued working on the house and that we did. The forever home will be undergoing another expansion plus raising the roof.

Currently our wall height is only 7'6, very short even for a standard home. The 3rd bedroom is only 8x8. There was no covered porch. The house was also one long house and we needed to add some dimension to the roof line.

This will be a two part series on all of the changes we are making. In this post I will talk about the new floor plan and in my second post I will talk about the changes on the exterior.

First we will take a look at one of our very first lay out plans. These were created very simply using the free floor planer website.

1200 sq ft bungalow 70's home. The layout was very awkward especially with the main bathroom outside the kitchen and living room.

Our initial plan included 2 major additions, adding a master suite, a proper entrance, larger kitchen, and moving the main bathroom further from the kitchen & more centralized to the bedrooms.

Our final plan. Another small addition to the back which allows us to move the master suite to the back for more privacy from the street, 3 very nice sized bedrooms, a main bathroom centralized in between the 3 bedrooms, a new roof to raise the wall height, a pantry added beside the kitchen. a walk out door from the kitchen onto a fully covered porch.

Our square footage has gone up to 2600 on the main floor which is far more then what we ever wanted. With the house being so long & narrow it was hard to configure the rooms. With the addition on the back it provides the house more dimension and room to work with normal size bedrooms.

What do you think??? Have you ever renovated your home by adding on??

Stay tuned next week for the exterior plans! This will really show you the changes on the roof line.