Forever Home - The Exterior Plan

The forever home is under going some major changes this weekend. We are installing a new roof that will allow taller walls on the inside of the house and a higher middle peak point.

The type of trusses we are using are called scissor trusses. They are constructed in a certain way that when you are designing the interior of your home interior walls are never load bearing. All of the weight sits on the outside walls. The other benefit is that the new trusses can be installed on top of the old roof and then the old roof is removed on the inside. This is mostly helpful when you are living in the house while work is being done. You are always covered from the outside elements.

Now the fun stuff!!! The new roof is providing new dimensions to the roof line. Before it was one very long house which was not all that pretty.

Let me remind you of what the Forever Home looked like when we first purchased it...

Forever Home Winter 2012

Then we added 2 additions to each end of the house (which we realized thru off the dimensions and the roof appeared too short on the long house)

Forever Home Winter 2013

Here are the new drawings of how the house will appear once completed.

The front of the house although not the main entrance.

This is the technically the front of the house where our main entrance will be, even though from the street it looks to be the side of the house.

That back door is a walk out from our kitchen onto a 20ft covered deck area, we plan on creating a two step deck. One part that is covered and the second will step down into the forest and have no cover.

The exterior will be clad in a combination of grey board and batten on the walls, stone features on the corners & pillars, and cedar shakes on any of the gables.

Thoughts??? Is there something you would do differently?