Living Imperfectly

This little old blog of mine has fallen off the radar. My own radar that is, you see when you are living imperfectly or under a state of constant renovation it's hard to write and provide pretty pictures. If you have been hanging around here for some time you know that I always keep it real. I have no interest in writing filler blog posts with a ton of other people's pictures. I am not exactly baking up a storm or crafting. Sadly I have no want to even do those kind of things.

The other day I contemplated buying flowers but then thought who am I kidding, who will notice the flowers in this mess.

All of this leaves me with today's post title and what I plan on sharing with you. Please don't judge. Look pass the plywood floors, the unfinished drywall and mass collection of baby stuff and dream with me of what this home will be one day...... 

The kitchen, dining and living room are all open to each other. The ceiling above the living room has no drywall since we plan on doing a wood feature in that area.

The kitchen layout will actually be very similar when completed. The island will be longer with stools and the stove will be moved over. We are hoping that after Christmas we will purchase all of our new appliances.

Ignore all of the mess and look at the sunlight shining.

We had this custom harvest table made for us almost 2 years ago! We sourced the pine planks on Kijiji for $150 and took them to local guys to have the table made. You would never believe that they only charged us $700!!. Those 2 chairs were left in the house.

There you have it, bedrooms obviously not being shared here or the entrance which we have closed off to the main part of the house since it has no drywall or insulation. Because winter is quickly coming Branko will be working hard on installing the Geo-Thermal unit with hopes that it will all be completed around mid December. Once that is done we can really shift all of our focus to the inside of the house. Completing the drywall, painting and then installing flooring. The hopes are that by next year around April most of the inside of the house will be completed.

I will try and keep up with sharing our next steps around here, I am sure I will have some fun Geo-Thermal install adventures to talk about.

Hopefully you follow me on Instagram, where you can catch so many adventures of building our Forever Home.