living through a renovation and exciting news


I've determined that if and when I survive the winter of 2014/2015 in a home with barely any heat I am a super woman. It was cold over the weekend, the evenings are dipping into the -20s some nights and running to the bathroom is an adventure.

When we started the renovations on the home we gutted everything. This included the old heating system. We plan on installing Geo-thermal in the early spring so our plan was to tough out the winter heating the main part of the house with a wood fireplace and an industrial heater.

We are using our new entrance area as a living area. We have fully insulated the room and installed a door to the room.  The space is 450 sq. ft. We have our bed, tv, coffee table for eating, all of our clothes, batteries for the tools, and coffee machine in this room. The coffee machine is in here because the water was freezing in the tank and basically broke my Tassimo! YAY for an upgrade to the Nespresso Virtuoline. Our heat source in the sleeping room is 1 oil heater & 2 baseboard heaters. One heater is left on during the day so when we come home the room is warm.

The bathroom has one baseboard heater that is left running at all times. When we shower or take "longer bathroom breaks" we have a small industrial heater that runs on a 20amp that we turn on. It actually works really well and sometimes the bathroom can become so hot it can feel like sauna.

The main living area which is the kitchen, living room, and dining room is being heated by the wood fire place. Truthfully we only use this space when preparing food. So far we have managed to keep this area above 10 degrees on the weekends. During the week if its a sunny day that area will stay at a balmy 4 degrees.

Our pipes have froze maybe a total of 6 times. Not bad considering the circumstances.

Many people have been asking or commenting on our situation with the most common statements being:

  -  How do you do it?

  - I could NEVER live like that!!!

  - Don't you just wish it was over!

  - You are crazy!

  - You live way toooooooooooooooooo far!!!!!!!!!!!!

You get the drift.....most days I don't get the comments. I certainly don't go over to other people's houses and say "Look! I can see your neighbors making out! OR "WOW, can your backyard be any smaller?" I would never say these things because at the end of the day you probably love your home and I respect that. You bought it for a reason.  Any time I walk into somebodies new home I always find something nice and respectful to say about it.

The point here is that yes we are roughing it currently and yes it can be tough at times. We have saved tons of money doing this work on our own. It has been well worth the time BUT it's not just the money saved. It has been about the experience. It has showed us that we accommodate well, we can communicate our concerns, we can laugh about the worst situations. One night we cooked a dinner in our winter coats and toque's.(we have a picture for proof, but Branko would kill me if I shared it)

At the end of the day I would hope that anybody who comes across our story respects our choices as I would yours. I hope that by following my journey you may want to step out of your own comfort zone.

AND for the exciting news:

YES!!! I am finally ready to share that we will be welcoming a little bundle of joy in MAY!!! We are both excited and nervous of course. Branko already has dreams of building a Cadillac bed :)


It's safe to say we need to hustle but I am excited about what our future holds with this new addition to our family coming soon!