Drywall Party #2 & Drywall taping Dilemma part 2

It happened! It finally happened!!! It really is unreal how much a home can change once you put up drywall.

Branko had another drywall party weekend, two of his friends (who he is paying) came up for two days while I vacated the house again. They managed to finish almost ALL of the remaining drywall in the house other then above the dining area and kitchen. During the week Branko hustled and finished all of the remaining drywall that needed to be done because we had found tapers to come and finish the work. See this post (more on this fail later after the pictures).

Now for some pictures of the rooms. You can see the changes from my Drywall Party #1 post to now.

Kitchen - one of the best decisions we feel we made was to add a door to the back yard where we will build a large deck. The second change we made was adding the small wall to the ceiling to hide the view of the fridge from the living room.

Master bedroom - this room is very large but I couldn't be more happy with the size. It will be a true retreat bedroom with an area for two sitting chairs and a small table.

Bedroom one - this room is slightly larger then the second bedroom. Both rooms have three windows for great natural light.

Bedroom two - This room will have natural light all during the day. The one window is lower then the two side windows so that the front of the house windows would all align.

Hall way - The first door is the master bedroom and then the hall way leads to the linen closet, two bedrooms, and second full bathroom for guests and the two rooms.


Our attempt to hire tapers to finish the house ended up being a fail. In the end they felt the job was much more then expected and wanted to be paid more then we could afford to pay. They did do a small amount of work for two days but because of the miss-communication they refused to take the money we offered them for two days of work. I truly think they thought we would just agree to the higher price and pay them but it was something we were not ready to commit to pay.  Branko will now finish the taping and sanding himself with some help from my dad and his friends that he has been paying to help out with heavy lifting work. But 75% of the work will be done on his own.

Because we have a baby due to arrive any day now we have had to change our game plan on getting the drywall done. Since August we have been living in a 400 sq ft area of the house that we turned into our room, along with TV, couch, and clothes. We've decided to set up the crib in here as well which still leaves us with plenty of living space (really surprising how much you can fit in 400 sq ft.) until we can have all of the drywall completed. During the time sanding will be done I will pack up the baby and head to my parents house.  It is not the most ideal situation but the baby will be warm and safe. Also, he will probably never remember this part of his life so I am OK with this. We should be able to move into our master bedroom and use our other rooms in about a month and half.


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