Drywall Taper Dilemma

The title of this post is pretty clear, will I even have pictures to share probably not but I feel like sharing our dilemma so we can look back one day and laugh - or not.

You see back in February. yes wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back then. We called a guy for pricing and asked if he would be available the last week of April. We specifically advised April 27th - 30th. As any contractor who probably had no work over the winter he said YES! Yes, I am available. GREAT! Branko called him again late March and said I will be ready for you still, are you still available. YES! That was his answer. We advised him everything about the house.

April 25th the dude comes to our house to see what the work will be like and the conversation goes like this:

Contractor: OH man those ceilings, they are so high!

Branko: Yes, I told you that.

Contractor: OK, I will write up a quote for you and get back to you.

Branko: YA, but will you be able to start work on Monday?

Contractor: WHAT?? No, I only work on weekends.

At this point I am pretty sure Branko was not impressed. He told him to send him the quote and asked what weekend he can start. The contractor told Branko he needs SIX WEEKENDS to finish the job.


You can't do any other work until drywall is done. PLUS we have a baby coming!!! MAY 13th!


By some grace of god our neighbour stopped by asking Branko if he had a certain tool he needed to fix his car and they got to talking. The neighbour gave Branko a phone number to a guy he used a couple of years ago.

We called the guy that night and thankfully he didn't have any work lined up for the next two weeks. Probably because he just got back from Vietnam.

AND there you have it, this new guy will start on Sat. May2nd but he advised us he might need at least 10 days. That gives us 3 days before baby's due date.

YES, I am hoping baby stays in for a couple days longer. Five days maybe??? Baby if you are listening I need five extra days to clean and put together a crib OK!


I'm now talking to my baby over the blog which means I've probably lost my mind.

I will you leave you with one picture because sunsets at the #foreverhome are glorious and I love this quote.

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