baby news and forever home update

Hi!!!!!!!!!! Anybody out there????

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you are probably fully aware we had a baby!!!

Dominik arrived on May 20th @ 1:15pm weighing in at 7lbs 9oz. I will spare you the birth story since it was not anything overly dramatic. Thankfully he was born healthy and happy. I feel so blessed to have such a happy little baby. He sleeps all night with waking up only once to eat. During the day he is pretty peaceful and is starting to really smile more and more.

Some pictures below and then more on the forever home!

Dominik - 5 weeks

Dominik -8 weeks & 4 days

Dominik - 8 weeks & 4 days. He was such a champ at his first wedding!

My blog was supposed to be renewed on May 30th. I came home and was overwhelmed with a newborn that I completely forgot to go in and make these changes. The blog went down and since then I had one heck of a time trying to get my domain back. Google had since made some changes and since I use square space now I had to go through GoDaddy directly to renew my domain.

I'm not going to lie since having a newborn home the building has slowed down but it sure hasn't stopped.

We have completed the drywall and priming two bedrooms that we are currently living in. One room has our bed, baby crib, and clothes. The next room is set up as a mini living room with a coffee table, tv, couch, and a small twin bed for a guest. The remainder of the inside is at standstill and will not be continued until late September.

Below are some pictures of the deck that Branko has been working hard on and some plans on what we want to do with landscaping and decor.

For the main entrance we have plans of lots of Armour stone like in the below picture and hopefully a hanging chair. We opted to go with pressure treated wood and will eventually paint it to suite our colours that we choose for the exterior of the house. We did price out composite decking but it was three times the price of pressure treated. Our siding is going to be grey board & batten with stone features all around the house. The peaks will be finished with cedar shakes.

The above picture is close to what we have planned but our siding will be vertical and our stone features will be on the corners. We plan on using cedar shakes but only on the peaks. Original image found here.

 This Armour stone will be used all around our house with a similar layout as the above picture. Original image found here.

Currently how the forever home is looking below. This will be the main entrance of the house, in September we are planning to re-do the mudroom entrance to the house to align with the new roof we put on last year so the peak will be different. We will have a 8 foot double door and windows around the door.

I found this swinging chair at Pier 1 imports and fell in love immediately. I can picture this hanging on the entrance area of our porch.

Swinging chair link found here at Pier 1.

For the back portion of the deck we have a door that enters the kitchen. This will make entertaining so much easier! We plan on installing a TV on the back wall so Branko can catch his sports while being outside. I love the idea of hanging curtains and lights off of the support posts.

I tried searching for the proper image location but couldn't find it! But I really LOVE all of this! The seating, lighting, curtains, and wood paneling on the ceiling.

Here is a picture of how our current porch looks! So much to do.

A second tier is going to be built to this deck next year.  It will stretch into the trees and make more room for a large dining area.

The morning coffee & tea will be perfect with this morning sunrise back here. This is the view from the seating area in the above picture.

Any thoughts on the above? Any ideas that you would love to share in the comments, I would love to hear them!

Looking forward to getting back to sharing our journey here on building our "Forever Home". So far it has truly been a labour of love. Each and every day we feel more blessed to be able to build such beautiful home for our family. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram where I share many instant updates of what is happening around here!