2015 Forever Home Update

Dearest Forever Home - we have big plans for you in 2015!

I've been slow with the Forever Home updates, this blog is all about our week to week process of building our dream home. We had big plans for the Christmas Holidays to work, work, work but then cold mornings settled in real quick and it made leaving our one warm cozy room that much more difficult. 

Since re-building our entire chimney (you can read that post here) we have finished building our interior walls, all of ducting has been installed and prepared for our geothermal install later this year, we've done numerous clean ups, the entire old home has been completely torn down ( in case you are new here, we built a new roof over our old roof).

We started the electrical work and are around 50% done. If you follow me on Instagram (which you can here!!) you would have noticed how excited I was to have lights in our kitchen area. We have been using one 1 lamp since August. Now I can turn on real lights in the kitchen via a real switch. We had originally hoped we would be further along and our electrical would be done before the extreme cold settled in but that didn't happen. We are having some issues now with keeping the house above zero temperatures. We decided to move ahead with ordering the insulation and start stuffing the ceiling. Once that is done our fireplace should be able to keep the kitchen, dining, & living room around to around 10 degrees.

Once Branko finishes the electrical and our inspections are passed we will feel at ease. All of the walls will be stuffed with insulation and then we can put up our drywall. We our aiming for mid Feb. to have drywall go up.

Enough of the boring talk! Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how we have been living. You know keeping it real on this blog as I always do....

You may see a disaster, I see pretty pink insulation that is helping us keep warm.

Another angle of the our very open concept area. The ceilings are 15ft at the peaks and 9ft at the walls.

Lighting! You can't see much here but the lighting in that picture will be our kitchen area.

Sorry for my lack of amazing photos, I don't even think the most professional camera can make this living area look any different at this point. Once we get started on the fun stuff like drywall I will be sure to capture some better pictures at different angles.