Home Update


We sat back and listed all of the things we've done over the course of the summer and couldn't believe how long our completed list actually was. When Dominik was born we knew family time was going to be important but we have a house that needs to be finished. We definitely do not want to go into next year with too much landscaping left simply because he will be two and running around so much. I'm sure I missed some small projects we worked on but below are a few of the "big" things we managed to get done. 

Branko had to clear cut more forest so that we can have a proper backyard and also remove ourselves from the risk of a massive tree falling on our home. (More on this will come including a run in with a by-law officer!) 

The below picture was taken on April 27th, 2016. As you can see, no deck addition and we were just starting the clear cutting of the trees. 

The photo below was taken today. Eventually that firewood will be moved behind the retaining wall and closer to the forest. All of backyard will have grass. You can see we also finally finished the deck other than some railing on the stairs on the front part of the house. We were able to get a lot of use out of our back deck and front porch this summer which was amazing. 

We originally had the idea of using large stones for retaining walls and landscape features around the house but when we realized it would cost us over $10,000, we nixed the idea. After some research we decided on using wood. It turned out so much better than I expected. Once the grass grows and the flowerbeds are done, the walls will stand out so nicely. I also plan on sharing more about our retaining walls -- we built our posts out of concrete instead of wood for longevity, and that needs an entire blog post in itself! 

Lastly, installing our pipes for Geo-thermal. This has been a labour of love project for Branko and he is determined to finish this himself. One trench has been completed, our second trench is currently in the process of being back filled. Once this project is completely done I will be sharing a full post on the system we bought, how we attempted to dig trenches three(!) times and all of the problems with sandy soil and digging. 

Hopefully you come back for some more exciting updates! I plan on sharing how we chose to use cedar shakes on the exterior of our home, installing board & batten, and stone feature walls we plan on having. Plus a post on taking down all of the trees and installing our Geo-thermal unit. 

If you want to follow along I still keep it real over on Instagram. I keep our day to day progress over there and throw in a couple photos of Dominik because he's the cutest out of the three of us. :)