Emotional Blog Talk

"What happened to the blog??"

The question above is something Branko asks me at least every month, back in 2013/2014 we were busy building two homes. Our goal setting lists for the week were so long and to most people unimaginable. Every week we would cross off a good 10-12 tasks and then write about it in a blog post. Back then I really did not have much knowledge about the blogging world. I was so naive I really thought blogging was something you did to share your story, your daily struggles, real photos in real time of what was happening. That is what I did. Each week I would share pictures of a house with unfinished drywall and us skipping over holes in the floors.

What happened next was I learned too much about the blogging world. I learned that my photos were not acceptable. My writing was not up to par. I did a ton of research on how I could make my blog better. Then I lost my drive. It was hard not to get caught up in the "dark" side of blogging. All of these really great bloggers around me were working with some really cool companies and clearly I was doing something wrong. I had to step back and take a break. 

So slowly I stopped, I stopped caring about blogging even though I really wanted too. I wanted to share our crazy story. Now we have a baby in the mix and the story just got 100 times more interesting.


Last night Branko and I shared some goals and a mock time frame of what we wanted to have completed in the Forever Home in the next two months.

All of that got me thinking....maybe I should blog about it.

Here it is.....a goal list and even if only 10 people read or 10,000 people read it the most important thing is to keep doing what makes me happy. Make your lists, write a blog post, run around your front yard naked....WAIT just kidding we won't be doing that. I think I caught your attention.

March 12/2016 - March 25/2016:

- finish tape in the kitchen & bathroom

- complete mud in the master bedroom, bathroom, closet

- sand the master bedroom, bathroom, closet

- prime master bedroom, bathroom, closet

- complete mud in the kitchen, living room, dining room

- sand the kitchen, living room, dining room

- prime kitchen, living room, dining room

March 29/2016 - April 9/2016:

- complete floor tile in the master bathroom

- install freestanding tub & build shower floor and install kit

- buy toilet for the master bathroom and install temporary sink.

These are all of the things we talked about last night. Our goals may seem a little far fetched but we are hoping to get this house primed and cleaned before May 1.

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