Talking all about Drywall Today

I'm here to talk to you today about DRYWALL! Yippee right!

First off I was having a chat with some blogging friends and they said to me "Danica(that rhymes with pizza by the way) you need to blog like how you chat with us. My response "guys that would mean my blog would have a few choice swear words(who am I kidding many choice swear words) and lots of sarcasm. Well for one I am working on the swearing thing because we have baby now and that is kind of inappropriate plus I would rather my child not start off school with a trucker mouth and second is it OK to swear in blogs. Who knows what is OK anymore, the world is going to shit anyways.

Ok the real deal now that my bantering is done......

If you have been following along here for a while you will know that last year we actually tried to contract out the drywall job for the Forever Home. A company was recommended to us and after a few phone calls and many pictures sent to the company(they did not want to drive here) they provided us a price and start date. Unfortunately after the third day they advised us they wanted $3500 more to complete the job. That would mean we were at $11,000 to finish the drywall. Branko and I both knew that at that point it was not worth it for us.

Real talk - we survived this winter with only our wood fireplace heating our house.

After some research Branko discovered drywall tools that can make your job much easier and quicker. To purchase the tools brand new were incredibly expensive but also slightly difficult to learn to use in the beginning. We were lucky enough to find an old set from Kijiji that somebody was selling. Worst case scenario if Branko could not figure them out we would re-sell them. Branko watched a ton of you tube videos and the gentlemen who sold them to him was kind enough to spend a good hour giving him a ton of tips.

Excuse the floor! We are renovating remember! This is part of the set. They are boxes. You pump them with mud and press the box along your tape line.

A small video below of Branko using the boxes!

Our next step was to research the type of mud we used. In our last house we used a mud that was difficult to mix and sand. We purchased CGC All Purpose Lite from Home Depot. The great thing about this mud is that if you prepare a certain amount and do not finish using it you can simply cover your container and use it the next day! Also, the texture it leaves on the wall is much less thick so the sanding part of the job is so much easier. Home Depot seems to have this on hand at all times and with their great service they have always loaded it into my car for me since the boxes are fairly heavy.

Now for some fun pictures of building a home with a baby! This certainly has not been easy but Dominik sleeps well at night time. He's usually asleep by 7 or 7:30 so we are able to put in some extra work. Because we have such high ceilings most of the work is done on a scaffold. I will simply roll Branko from each spot so he doesn't have to come up and down. Our only difficult part has been moving the furniture around!

He will forever be a home renovation baby and a Home Depot customer.

Dark picture but he fell asleep in his high chair and we dare not move a sleeping baby. So we worked around him.

We will be a little bit off from our time line but we are moving along nicely! Hopefully after Easter I will have a "we are priming" post ready for you!