We are now on YouTube!

I finally decided to create a YouTube channel  for the blog! In all honesty I created a channel to share private videos of Dominik to friends and family since sending videos via email is a pain!

Once I did that I thought well why not share some videos of Branko working. Building this house is a part of our daily living lifestyle. There is nothing fabricated or staged about how we are going about this process so I figured sharing this in the raw would really let people see that you can build your forever home and not become house poor. Our main goal in building this home was to ensure we can do as much as possible ourselves and not hire anybody to do work for us.

Dominik clearly does not mind the current living situation.

Truthfully I wish I had been taking videos sooner. I am sad about so many important moments that I did not catch that we could go back and watch. My goal in the beginning is to take small videos of our home after weekly changes and add music and maybe us talking here and there. Once I am more comfortable I will add more DIY talks about how we completed certain projects.

I thought creating a YouTube channel and making some videos would be really easy, turns out it is actually a lot of work. Thankfully I have come across some great tutorials like this one from Christina from DIY Mommy. It really helped me understand how to make my channel more presentable and similar style to my blog.

My second challenge will be figuring out Movie Maker, this might be the death of me. It looks as though it should be so simple to use but the smallest thing like why I cannot get the music to start at the very beginning of the movie is driving me crazy.

Lastly, I am hoping to invest in a small point and shoot camera with a better video. The camera I am currently using tends to blur very quickly when moving. I have always been a big fan of Canon camera's and I am hoping to invest in this one.

Here is my current you tube trailer. In no way is it finished and I fully understand it needs a lot of work. Hopefully you check it out and feel free to subscribe!