Our DIY Forever Home Laundry List of Projects for 2016

Building a house is hard people! I use the word DIY because if you are new here we have been building our home without any contractors. Almost all of the work is being done by Branko and myself. Whenever Branko needs an extra helping hand he has paid some friends to come and work on weekends. 

We are trying to not put any pressure on ourselves but when every where you walk you see a project that needs to be done you want to crawl in a hole and pretend it is not there. It is not too often you will hear me bitch and complain about our journey to building our forever home but it happens every year when the weather turns nice and all you want to be doing is getting outside. 

So here it is my once a year bitch fest at the long laundry list of things we need to do. Whenever we feel overwhelmed we remind ourselves it takes some people a year to renovate a bathroom. Last year we built a multi level deck, we cleared and cut at least 1 acre of trees, we moved 3 dump trucks of fire wood that needs to be chopped, we dry walled our entire 2600 sq ft home. Most importantly we are raising our little dude who is now 11 months old. 

NOW the list of things that we want to be done by the end of this year....


- dig and trench piping for Geo thermal

- dig 10 holes for new trees around front yard

- chop and stack 1 dump truck load of fire wood

- cut and clear 10 trees (too close to falling on house) 

- install siding on house and garage 

- add railing to entire deck space 

- install entrance gate 


- finish small touches on entrance of the house(this still closed off to our living area with a door)

- mud & sand almost entire home

- prime all the walls

- complete the 2 bathrooms 

Back on Jan 2, I wrote this post with some goals for 2016. I'm proud to say that we have really stuck to them. I have been regularly tracking my food by using my fitness pal and exercising by going on our Elliptical for at least 30-45 min/3-5 times a week. We have been spending so much quality time with Dominik and of course putting in a ton of work on the Forever Home. 

There you have it! I'm done bitching and on to happy thoughts now!

Before I leave you today a reminder that I have joined YouTube! We made a channel mostly for ourselves so we can share with family and friends but with you guys as well! I have been practicing using Movie Maker and shooting video with a small point and shoot Sony camera.