DIY Two Level Deck Build - Part 1

When living in the country a large deck is always an added bonus. We plan on spending many summer days and evenings outside. In order to achieve max comfort for us and any guests we have over we wanted to ensure we had enough room with different lounging areas.  

I used the Lowe's deck design planner to provide a basic idea of what the deck will look like. 

Once you walk up the stairs you will face the main entrance to the house. This area is all covered by the roof that over hangs. If you go right and walk around the corner that is no longer covered until you reach the point where the deck extends out. Almost across from where the deck extends out is a door walking in to the kitchen and a large picture window looking onto the deck. We hope to have a TV on that back wall with outdoor furniture to catch baseball games during the summer outside. 

This is the view when you walk out the kitchen door and look right. 

Here you can see the kitchen door on the long wall. The short wall is where the TV will hang. The extended part of the deck will go from that first post all the way to the wall and out towards the forest.  New outdoor furniture is needed in this spot! 

The extended part will be a step down and reach over a hill this looks into our back yard. The sunset is really amazing back here during the summer. This area will have our BBQ, dining table, hammock, and some lounge chairs. The extended area is fairly large 23x19. From the extended area we will have steps to walk into the back yard and towards an outdoor fire pit area. 

The view from below. Our house is on a hill. We created that entire back yard in this picture by cutting all the trees back. They used to reach the very back of the house.

At this point we have all of the footings poured to hold the deck. Hopefully by the end of next week the deck boards will all be down. 

Below is a small video that I created to give you a better idea this all looks!