Landscaping Projects

It has been really busy around here. If you follow along on Instagram (countrychicreno) or Snap Chat (danicak1) you would have noticed Branko rented a machine to work on the landscaping. Truth be told he actually rented the machine to dig trenches for our Geo-thermal piping but because we have sand the walls kept caving in. He decided to utilize the machine and finish so many other projects. 

Our back yard oasis is coming along nicely. The trees used to come right up to the back of the house. We clear cut everything back and leveled the ground. Eventually the firewood will be gone and stored in a different spot. The six ugly trees right behind our new DIY Deck had to be taken down. They were mostly dead trees and blocking our view into the forest. The sunsets are amazing and I will never get over them.

We ordered 15 spruce trees and had them delivered last week. That was a two day project to dig the holes and plant them. The trees have been strategically placed to block the garage from the road and some areas closer to the street. We plan on ordering five red maple trees next year to also plant. 

We had a massive dirt hill left from last years work that had to be spread out so that has been finished. 

Currently our cars our parked on a small hill. Branko used the small machine to cut that hill, move out all of the dirt and make parking spots. We made three spots. If we have guests over they can park down the driveway or over by the garage if we have a big party. 

The last big project was to clear all of the area behind the garage. Branko has a love for classic cars and keeps parts cars that don't need to be kept in the garage but are very ugly sitting in plain view. Hopefully in the future we want to build a chicken and rabbit coop. 

Next week the machine will be gone and we will be back working on our DIY Deck!