DIY Deck Build - Part 2

If you saw last weeks post about our DIY Deck Build you will notice the title has changed! HAHA we are crazy like that, just accept it OK. 

We changed the deck to be all one level for a couple of reasons. The first being Branko made the footings a bit too high.....OOOOOPPPPSSSIEEEEE. Oh well it actually turned out for the better. I explained it all over on snap chat. If you follow me (danicak1) you will know that we figured the second level would have been a hazard. It was one long step down that ran the entire length of the additional deck portion, people may miss it and fall. Not a big fall but probably enough to sprain an ankle. Our parents are old (shhhhhhhh don't tell them we said that) and we have a baby. HUGE baby hazard! 

On a visit to Home Depot to buy deck supplies Dominik agreed with my thoughts! 

Anyways now that I am done explaining all of that lets get into week two of the deck build! Since my last post all of the footings were poured. Branko and I managed by the grace of God to put in the support beam running across the posts. I should have snapped a picture of what Branko was standing on. Home builder fail! I was standing on a sloped hill that is all sand. Branko put his side in first and he yells at me "are you OK?" YA I got this hun! HAHA when I was thinking holy f**k I am going to drop this beam on my head any second now. Don't worry the baby was safe on the deck. Watching all of this go down. 

Once all of that was over with Branko installed all of the joists and some blocking. 

Next step we need to finish the blocking and put down gravel on the underlay that we placed under the deck so the weeds. We are hoping to have that all done this week and once the weekend arrives the deck board will go down. 

View from the back yard area

As usual I will leave you with a little video update of how this is how looking! I am still working on creating videos. For now I have been adding music as an overlay and working on being more confident on talking in my video's! It really is a lot more difficult then I thought it would have been.