Cherries and Chickens

Hi Friends! Hope you had an amazing weekend, it was another scorcher here in Ontario. Even though we have a million projects that need to be done(that's not an exaggeration) we decided to a have a full family day on Saturday. 

Our morning started off with a visit to the Creemore Farmer's Market. We picked up fresh bread, homemade jam, a blueberry pie, freshly picked strawberries, and asparagus. We were told that as the season moves on the market gets larger. Once we were done we headed to a local cafe to have breakfast. There is something so special about small towns. We sat outside at a table that belonged to the cafe. I was sure every person stopped to say hello to each other. We finished up and headed home to drop off our purchases. Packed up the car and drove to my parents place for some cherry picking! 

The traffic on a Saturday afternoon heading to the Niagara region is never the greatest. I had to get off the highway a couple of times and take side roads. Thankfully Dominik slept the entire way which was really nice. 

My parents have at least 25 cherry trees and 20 chickens! During the day the chickens run freely all over their property. We spent the day picking cherries, a long walk down to the lake, and "playing" the chickens.  

Our day was perfect. If I can give one piece of advice while renovating a home is to always take time for your family. No matter how much work needs to be done these moments should not be missed out on.