DIY Deck Update

Hi Friends! Hope your Friday is going well so far! It has been a while since I touched base about what is happening with our DIY Deck that we are building. With the warm weather and a walking baby we have been really busy but slowly picking away at getting this deck completed. 

Since I last shared what has been completed we have finished all of the railing around the deck and also the entire front balcony. Phew!!!!! Building a deck is actually not physically hard it is just a very detailed process. Making sure you posts are straight and all of the deck boards being properly placed. 

This is front balcony. It is fairly large and only accessible through the living room. In the evening when Dominik falls asleep we love to sit out here. 

Baby D inspecting the hard work. 

The back deck is more for entertaining, outdoor dinners, and once the TV goes up catching all of the baseball games all summer long. 

We also built our very own outdoor furniture, you can see them in the photo above but I plan on sharing an entire tutorial about how we built them!

Come back tomorrow as well, I have a fun Saturday Love post sharing all of my favorite go to Hair and Beauty products!