How to live authentically

I wanted to share with you today some tips on how I try to live authentically everyday. It can be hard to not want everything somebody else has. Always remember you are you and I am me. My presence on social  media may not look perfectly curated to you but to me it is beyond perfect. 

Always look up - we live in a world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. 

Words I live by - take nothing in life for granted, live every moment, dream big, be proud of everything you do, stop worrying what other people will think, enjoy your surroundings. 

When you show up authentic, you create the space for others to do the same. 

Each time I post a photo, message, or a simple snap I want to show people it is OK to be real. It is OK to not be perfectly curated in this crazy world of ours. Be yourself always and forever.