Saturday Love

Tomorrow we celebrate 6 years of marriage. Our wedding day was filled with so much love and laughter. I would relive that day in a heart beat. 

"You will forever be my always"

Speaking of weddings, Melissa from The Sweet Escape is now selling these cake toppers in her shop. Oh how I wish this was around when I got married! 

I've discovered a new drink! Sweet Matcha! Specifically this one made by Rishi that I buy at Whole Foods. You can purchase it online here. I also add 1 tsp vanilla. 

I found a new walking trail in my area. It's a conservation with a lake and some of the most beautiful trees lining the trail. I was actually really surprised by how beautiful it was considering it is so close to the city center. 

Dominik really loves the extra nap time he gets! Don't worry the sun was only on his face for a second for me to snap this picture and send it to Branko. 

Hopefully my trail picture inspires you to get outside this weekend! Nothing better for the soul then some fresh air !

Have a great weekend!