Exterior Plans

The time has arrived where I need to pick a colour for the exterior of our home.  I have to decide what tone of grey I want and what brand of paint to use. 

The plan for the exterior of the home is stone 3 feet from the bottom with board and batten on the upper part. The nice traditional country look. It is the style we have loved for years back when we purchased this home, we always had a dream of stone and wood.  The below picture is a drawing of our home but instead using the stone as features we have decided to run it all along the bottom around the entire house. 

I wanted to gather some inspirational photos to share but every single photo on Pinterest is stolen content. That's not even a joke. With each picture that I tried to do a google image search to find the original designer I was wasting too much time. With that being said I found one photo which is so close to what we love. This home done by Juanita Interior Design is right up our alley! I especially love the larger stone pieces. 

Here is the current state of our home, the strapping is to hold the boards to the wall. We still have a few other things that need to be done before we start this project but I really have to hammer down and start researching the best product 

Please feel free to leave some comments below on any brands you may have used that weather well outdoors. I have no idea where to even start!