Exterior Stone Detail

In about a week we will be going to pick out the stone for our home. I've been looking at stone companies and inspirational pictures for at least a year now so I have good idea of what I really want and I don't want. I love larger pieces of stone and tend to steer away from small ledger like stone. I prefer the rough look of stone and also want to see mortar in between.

All of the photos below were gathered from StoneRox which is one of the companies we are considering buying all of our stone from. We will also use this stone for our fireplace inside our house and will be sticking to the grey tone. 

The last picture is what we are gearing towards. Once the stone is picked out I need to pick a paint colour for the board and batten. If you read this post about our exterior plans you will know that I am still wavering on this as well! It is important that the colours don't look bland together or blend into each other too much. 

Do you have any tips on buying stone or favorite color tones?? Please feel free to share in the comments below!