Easy Avocado Black Bean Tacos

Bringing to you today one of the easiest recipes you will ever make!!! Can I even call this a recipe??? With our house being under renovation I have a hard time finding the motivation to cook anything. I am working with one outlet in the kitchen that is tied to the range. My dishes are scattered everywhere. 

I've been on a big avocado black bean kick lately, basically eating them in everything! Today I bring you the easiest Avocado Black Bean Taco you will ever make! 

The ingredients are so basic. 1 Box of taco shells(I found these fun dish taco shells in the states but we have something similar in Canada). 1 can of Black Beans. Salsa of your choice. A chipotle or hot sauce. Nutritional yeast to bring some cheese flavour, and Avocado of course! That's It!!! You can add lettuce and tomatoes for some added veggies! Watch the video below to see how easy they came together! 

Hope you try them out!