Before Photos of the Forever Home

True story behind the Forever Home. When we had our second visit and Branko said "this is the house" I really want to buy this house. I cried. I felt like it was too much for us, we were looking for something where the inside needed some updating. Not a 70's wallpaper and wood filled home. 

So without further waiting here I share with you the very first pictures I took of the Forever Home. Missing is the full bathroom and bedrooms which makes me sad but at that time I had no intention of wanting to live here never mind writing a blog about how much I now love it here. 

The outside. this was a 70's Viceroy Bungalow Home

The kitchen, the main bathroom was to the left and a powder room to the right. Beside the powder room was the entrance of the house. 

The dining room across from the kitchen and stairs going to the basement. The steps were so dangerous since the entrance of the house was right at the top of the stairs. 

Looking into the living room from the kitchen corner. 

View across the house from the entrance of the house. If you look straight ahead on the right you can see the hallway to the bedrooms

The powder room. All tile and wallpaper. 

The living room. That door on the right was the main bathroom. The tub was green and the toilet was purple. Right in the middle of the house beside the kitchen. Very weird. Also, behind that wall is a very tiny bedroom. 

The view outside sitting on the couch. This view sold the house. 

I wish I had more pictures of the bedrooms, bathroom and backyard. Sadly I don't. The foundation of the home still stands but everything else we took down. Follow along on here and on Instagram for an update of what we have done!