Quality Outdoor Wear for Country Living

Sharing with you today a few quality pieces of outdoor wear that I have been using for over 2 years now. My reviews are all my own and not sponsored or paid in any kind of way. I wrote last week all about Country Living - are you cut out for it and today I wanted to share some items that are staples in my house. 

I would like to make it clear that I understand these items are all on the higher price end but after testing out other brands I can definitely say the investment is worth it! If you shop at the right time of the year you can usually get them on sale, saving anywhere between $25 - $50. 

First lets talk footwear! 

The first boots are the UGG Adirondack Boot Leather and are priced at $298. They come in a tall version and several different colours. The second boot is the women's Kesey boot and they are priced at $198. After trying them on they are really comfortable and have a side zipper which makes them easy to slip on. The adirondack boots are so warm that going to the mall or grocery shopping they made my feet too hot! I love the Kesey boot because I live in the country and needed something with good grip and would still keep my feet warm. I saw these black ones on the website the UGG Simmens, they are on my wish list for next year! 

Once the warmer whether rolls around our backyard and driveway tend to get muddy because our landscaping isn't done yet. I stick to my Hunter Short boots since they keep my feet dry. They are a long lasting boot. I picked up both of those colors on sale and snagged them for under $100. I had a tall pair that lasted me 4 years but the tall pair were a huge pain to get off of my feet. I love love love the short version! Your legs don't get hot, they are easy to slip on and off, and you can usually get them for a good price. The Hunter boots have great grip on the soles which is important for our deck that can be slippery at times. 

I cannot tell you how many winter jackets I've cycled thru when I finally decided to make the plunge and invest in a good quality winter jacket. This jack from North Face has been a life saver. One time when we first moved here we had a major snow storm and could not drive up our 400 ft long driveway. We had to walk! In the dark and in snow up to above my knees. Thankfully I had this jacket with me, the wind was so crazy and I remember my husband didn't have any proper winter wear on, he was freezing!!! Me....I was good! This jacket reaches down to almost my knees. The hood is built so well, it stays on and covers a good portion of your face. 

My last item I wanted to share were these gloves! We've have gone thru so many pairs of gloves and have both come to an agreement that these very unattractive looking bright yellow gloves are a country girls dream come true. My poor hands were always so cold and wet whenever I would bring firewood into the house. With these gloves I was never cold. We received these specific gloves as a Christmas gift. I think these from Walmart are very similar in style. They have to be thinsulate and preferable leather on the outside and a good lining on the inside. 


My last picture is some beautiful scenery from my front yard, hope you enjoyed the info I shared above. As usual if you have any questions about country living please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below! Don't be shy please share any tips you may have because I am definitely not an expert and have a ton of learning to do myself!  

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