Candid thoughts about weight loss

Well here goes nothing, I'm going to share with the online world how weight loss has been the largest struggle for me most of my adult life. Many ups and downs. Good eating, bad eating. Long weeks of consistent exercise and then many excuses as to why I can't fit in an exercise routine. I wouldn't say I am embarrassed of my weight nor am I excessively over weight. I would like to lose 25-30 lbs. 

20 LBS - this number sounds so small in my head. Have you ever watched biggest loser? They lose that weight in one week! Don't worry I get that this is not reasonable. 

The good news for me is I have proven I can lose weight and successfully keep it off. Last year, from Jan - July I was exercising regularly and eating well. I managed to lose a little over 15 lbs and keep most of that weight off. Then things changed, life became busier and excuses were made so that my daily work out could be cancelled. 

My main plan is to get back to my 45 minute elliptical routine which has shown great results for myself. Along with that, I need to track my daily intake of food by using My Fitness Pal. I'm sure you have all heard of that wonderful app. 

I suppose your next thought is what will I do to stay accountable and this is where all of you come into play! I am going to start an online community along with my good friend Thalita you can catch her post about her own weight loss struggles here to help encourage me on this journey. A private Facebook group will be created where we can chat about healthy foods we've tried, sharing your exercise routine of the day, your ups and downs, your favorite apps, product reviews (especially those expensive protein powders!) and what has worked for you in regards to your eating times of the day. Anything goes! I am going to share my thoughts on Instagram as well but I would love if you left your thoughts about this in the comments. My goal is to be back in my exercise routine by Feb.1. 

NOW this big final question.....DO YOU WANT TO JOIN???