Epicure 3 Day Reset Review + Giveaway!

Hi Friends!!!! I wish I had some spectacular home update for you but I don't, we've been slacking. Instead I am here to share with you a review on the 3 Day Reset from Epicure + a giveaway for one of you awesome readers to try it out! 

I wrote this post getting candid about my thoughts on weight loss. It definitely has been a struggle most of my adult life. When I came across the Epicure website and started browsing I found out they have a 3 Day Reset plan. I've always found juice cleanses & detoxes difficult. I love coffee and could never give that up not even for one day. But the epicure reset plan seemed really do-able. It allowed you to have actual meals during the day with some small healthy snacks. It didn't add in any other restrictions. I'm fully aware that coffee should have been eliminated but since I only drink drip coffee I felt it wasn't necessary to cut it out. For my sanity and my child & husbands safety too. :) 

The reset comes with a pamphlet that provides your grocery shopping list, the prep work, and how to assemble your meals. It also has a menu plan that you use for all 3 days. Yes, you heard me same food for 3 days. At first I wasn't sure how I would feel about this but you have flexibility. You can use chicken or beans in your lunch/dinner plans & the dressings are different for lunch and dinner. The breakfast smoothie was so tasty that I could easily have it every morning. 

After the 3 days I lost 5 lbs! Pretty amazing considering after I calculated all of the calories for the day I realized I wasn't eating much less then my normal day to day. What it made me realize is I was eating a ton of crap foods at the wrong times. I'm going to share my pro's & con's below. 

PRO's of the Reset Plan: The biggest pro was noticing that I was snacking way too much between breakfast and lunch. My day typically starts at 6 am, I would have a bowl of cereal & coffee. Then at 9 am I would feel hungry again and eat another breakfast type food. Probably around 11 am I would dig for a small snack or hold off till 12 pm and have lunch. BAD BAD BAD.....why am I eating so much food! After the reset I realized that I was clearly not eating good foods that should be filling me up. Too many carb filled foods like cereal and toast. This was a huge wake up call for me! I am in the process of ordering the protein powder that was provided and will keep up with the same smoothie routine. The second PRO was how amazing the protein tasted. I've tried a dozen protein powders and never satisfied with the taste it would leave. Especially the vegan ones! The vegan coconut protein powder so good and the coconut taste was not over bearing. Lastly the reset was very easy especially if you prepped your food as advised. 

CON's: I couldn't cut out coffee & with that I can't have coffee until I eat something in the morning. Each morning I had one Lara bar bite with my coffee. Lara Bars are very clean with minimal ingredients so I didn't feel like I was completely cheating. I also had one bite in the evening after dinner with my coffee again. The second con was the dinner dressing was not my favorite. I am not a fan of tomatoes and a main part of the dressing was tomato juice. That's it. 

Lastly, I urge you to browse the website. They have some really interesting other food items like flavored nutritional yeast and pudding. I know those are two very different food groups but I assure you they have a ton of different foods that I think would be appealing to most people. 

Now time for the giveaway!

Epicure is giving away one 3 Day Reset kit to one of my lucky readers!!! All you have to do is follow the entry form below to enter! 

Check out the Epicure website and leave a comment on a product you would love to try. Once you are done fill out the rafflecopter entry form & don't forget about the extra entries. 

Disclosure: Epicure provided me a 3 day reset kit to try out but all thoughts and opinions are my own of course