Life Lately

Nothing to update on the home front so I am going to share a few other things that have been going on around here! 


I caught one of my fellow bloggers Julie on Instagram Stories talking about a new product she tried Miracle Overnight cream from Philosophy. She had rave reviews and I've been looking for a good quality under eye cream. I decided to go ahead and purchase the under eye cream for now from Shopper's Drug Mart. I want to try the over night cream as well but both products are a little pricey so I am going to wait a month or so before I buy it.  

While we are on the topic of beauty care how fun is it that Shopper's now carries Pixi Beauty! I bought the mascara which I already love and want to try the Rose Oil. They were sold out so on my next trip too town I am going to check if it's back in stock. 

We finally got our dishwasher! I purchased appliances before Christmas from Best Buy but the dishwasher arrived heavily damaged. Because of the holiday's the one I picked sold out and took a while to be in stock again. Let me tell you, if you are in the market for a quiet dishwasher this one from Kitchen Aid is amazing!!! Our kitchen, dining, and living room are all open space so I needed one with minimal noise. It washes great too! I will do a full review soon on all of my appliances that I purchased from Kitchen Aid. 

Question for you often do you sit down with your spouse and talk life plans? Branko and I talk about life plans A LOT. In the last two weeks we have come to a big life decision that I may share in the future here. 

That's it for now! I have a Beet Milk recipe I am working on that I hope to share soon and this weekend we are working on the entrance room. Hoping to have a home update for you all next week again!