Dream Garage Update

First I want to share that I have some things on my mind that have been really been bothering me about the blogging. When or if I can ever figure out how to get it in writing I might share those thoughts OR I might just shut the blog down. Sometimes feeling like the "loner" can be hard on your soul. Along with so many new changes in my life the last month has been incredibly hard and joyful all at the same time which has  really stirred up my emotions.

What I definitely have to work on is shutting out what is going on around me & really focus on my own goals. 

Ok, enough of the serious talk because you might actually still be kicking around to hear about our home build. Now that the weather has finally started to warm up it has allowed Branko to get started on some outside projects that we desperately want to get done before the summer. The garage has been number one on our list especially since it was starting to look like a massive run down shack. We paid to have the shingles done because we have a local guy who is amazing at roofing. He did our shingles on our house. He's also going to install our board & batten siding. 

Branko finally came to his senses and got rid of all of his "part cars". Believe it or not we had over 10 scrap cars. OVER 10 you guys!!! I'm too embarrassed to say how many we had. They were all sitting in front of the garage. The neighbors must be starting to think we are a bunch of bums with the appareance of the garage and the combination of all the cars.  


After a week of cleaning up, buying the windows, & prepping the exterior walls for board & batten the garage is already looking less and less like an eye sore.  


Crossing my fingers that next week the siding will be started. Because of the size of the garage we are looking at least 7 full days to put up siding.  

As always you can follow along on my Instagram account where I try to share daily progress of what is happening around here.