A day in the life of building a garage

Last week as we were working outside in the burning sun I felt the need to go home and grab my nice camera and snap some photos of the tools.

UMMMMMMMMMM have a I gone crazy??????????? I'm taking picture of tools! I need to get to a mall stat and do some shopping! Retail therapy because I am beginning to enjoy this whole garage thing too much! 

So back to my story....I decided it would be fun to capture snippets of the tools in the sand, have them printed and framed for the garage. Maybe this post should be called "memory of the damn sand that is creating a disaster at the old house."

Country Stereo Stand - Milwaukee Radio

Neighbours tractor that is saving our backs

Hopefully we don't lose those keys in the sand. 

Go ahead ask who helped install forms. 

Home Depot Pencils are orange for a good reason. 

Home Depot Pencils are orange for a good reason. 

Milkwaukee Drill - This kid has been put the test. 

A rusty blue hammer that has taken some beatings.

Milkwaukee Saw - Watch your fingers. 

I swear I help. 

A beach volleyball court may be a part of our future. 

Cheesy or not the garage is really taking place now and seeing this project come together is becoming more and more exciting.

Stay tuned...more to come next week!!