Baby it's cold outside - Beam Love

We worked over the weekend - in the bitter cold.

I would like to just complain about how horrible that was but I am too excited to share with you the big changes we made in the Forever Home. Too many low beams and walls was making this place look so dark. So we contacted the engineer and decided to change some of the beam heights.

Let me remind you and take you back into the time warp for a second.

Before anything was touched.

Removing the walls and checking what is load bearing. 

New extended beam & the post in which we thought we were going to leave. 

Let's play a game - can you see what's missing in this mess??????

The post is gone!! Go back look at the time warp and now this! 


When ripping the walls apart the post on the right has the height of all of the family members (only 1 owner ever lived here) We installed a new post added our heights and also added the old families heights. 

FUN right! 

The aftermath - the mess - we accept free labour if anybody wants to come over and help clean up. 

Tell me, what do you think of the "Forever Home" changes so far???????