Canada Day Long Weekend Re-Cap

If you've been following along around here for a while you will probably think that we worked like crazy people all weekend. That we completed some long list of things that needed to be done....


Guess What......

We functioned like normal people over the weekend! We had guests over, we hiked our trails at the new home, we took a cruise in the Cutlass, we met somebody new(which actually felt like hanging out with friends we've known forever) and we worked one day at the new house. 

This was the first time I ventured into our 50 acres, Branko has been twice already. The trails are awesome and the trees are huge(at least 100feet) I wish I had brought a camera with me but we will be going back there more often now so pictures are sure to come! 

Sunday morning was spent cleaning our cars and being officially lazy. We had made plans to go for a cruise and meet Lynne (you MUST check out her site here

) She is funny, welcoming, caring, did I mention funny?, has a beautiful home and a beautiful family. 

We hung out for most of the day in her stunning can also follow Lynne on facebook (


I did not want to leave that hammock(poor Lynne gave up the spot for me and I'm pretty sure I didn't budge for hours) 

Photo credits are from here
Photo credits are from here

Photo credits are from here: (


There are moments in your life when you meet somebody and feel truly inspired. Her home is filled with love and her Husband Michael welcomed us even though we have never met before. Her children are outgoing and happy. You can instantly see the respect they have for their parents. I wish I had taken some pictures but was so caught up in conversation that I didn't even think about it.  

I could probably go on for ever about what an amazing day this was, I hope that this friendship will build and be long lasting. I feel like I have so much I can learn from Lynne.


PS. and thank you for letting us overstay our visit! 

Monday was spent working on the new home and some of the landscaping. 

The grass was in dire need of a cut and after 6 hours on the lawn mower the front 3 acres was looking much better(I've already advised Branko that once the old house sells we are investing in a better lawn mower!)

Grass Before:

Grass After:

We also needed to start hacking away at the crazy bushes that have grown out of control! 

Bushes Before:

Bushes After:

Exciting Right! 

I cannot wait for all of them to be gone! The house will look so much bigger and feel more clean. Next year we plan on some major landscaping projects like re-doing the entire deck and creating some beautiful landscaping in the front. 

We hope to use some large boulder rocks and create something like this:

Well with that said I hope everybody has a great short week! 

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