Civic Holiday Long Weekend

Remember how I wrote a really

cool post

about the big plans we had for the weekend and how much work we were going to get done....

That did not happen.....instead this happened. 

Our water pump failed on us, so Friday night was spent with a shopping trip to Princess Auto and fixing the problem...then doing a glorious happy dance when we had water again.

Then this car failed. There fore most of Sat. was spent working on the car.

We were also on a mission to get these doors....remember

Friday Dreaming

...Vintage Doors from a church in the Beach(or beaches, i was never really sure) for $100/pair. They are massive and beautiful and we cannot wait to refinish them. 

Just for fun I snapped some photos of inside the "Forever Home"

We have made headway on the Garage(which by the way is 500 sq.ft bigger than planned) and means the garage is now going to be around 4800 sq.ft. We started on the footings...

AND last but not least we cooked on the BBQ but with lack of outdoor furniture(we are trying to hold off on new purchases until the "Forever Home" is ready) we used this so that we could sit outside and eat.

Don't Judge....


astercraft work bench from Canadian Tire)

So there you have it our long weekend revamped. Hope everybody had a great long weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!