First Home Pictures Update - Let's Sell This Place!

Friday was the day! The For Sale sign was put up on the street and the listing went up on MLS. 

Yes, was much later then our expected date but let's just be real here people, we built a home in 6 months. 

We had exactly people help us on and off. 

We worked like crazy people in the cold. 

The out come is much more gratifying then I could have ever imagined. 

I wasn't sure if I should do the before and after's here but I figured if you wanted to visit my "First Home Tour" Page you could see all of that once I have it updated.

What we did:

Added 650 sq ft to the existing home. 

Changed the layout from a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom to a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom. 

Moved the laundry room from the kitchen to the new living area. 

Extended all of the plumbing and electrical from the old part of the house to the new part. 

Moved the tiny dining area to create a new larger dining area. 

Repainted the entire house. 

Painted the brick fireplace white.

Installed sconces beside the fireplace.

Mounted the TV to the fireplace.

Changed ALL of the flooring in the house. (The old bedrooms used to be carpet and the hard wood was an oak colour).

Upgraded the electrical panel. 

Upgraded all of the electric baseboard heaters to the newer efficient ones. 

Removed hanging lights above old island and installed pot lights. 

Changed all of the floor trim in the old part of the house. 

Moved kitchen island to the center and also removed dividing wall from the living room. 

Added more seating area with the new island. 

Moved stove from the island to the back wall and installed a hood. 

Upgraded all appliances(dishwasher, stove, fridge, washer/dryer).

Purchased new granite counter top, new large sink and new kitchen faucet. 

Changed all kitchen cabinetry to new Ikea kitchen cabinets. 

Created a new pantry area for more kitchen storage. 

Installed new tile, new toilet and new vanity in the old bathroom. 

Rebuilt the back deck and front entrance deck. 

Created new landscaping around new part of the house. 

Other things on the property were done last year included mainly landscaping of the front yard area by taking down at least 45 ugly pine trees and seeding that area so grass could grow in. 


Exterior Front

Exterior Back 

Bedroom One 

Bedroom Two 

Bedroom Three

Bedroom Four 

Master Bathroom 

Dining Room 


Living Room 

Backyard Oasis 

Backyard Creek/Waterfall

A few pictures are missing of some rooms but if you are looking for the before & after's to see the full transformation make sure you check it out on our "First Home Tour" Page. 

Bring on the second Home Reno for our "Forever Home"!!!