Forever Home Blues

3 Weeks.....

That's the amount of time that we have not worked on the Forever Home. It feels like time is passing and the Forever Home is just standing still.

It's been tough for us to cope with this nasty weather and yes we fully understand that we cannot do anything about this but owning two homes is taking a toll on us. We need to get our feet moving, dig deep and find the motivation to go and work.

Everything is 100 times harder when you have to do pre-prep work to actually work.

Shovel the additions out for an hour

Layer on the extra clothing

Work in big winter gloves that make it hard to carry wood

Stand on ladders that are barely safe due to snow and ice below

Deal with a runny nose

Shovel one driveway, snow blow the second driveway

Split wood for the fireplace

Fix the car, fix the car, fix the car(don't ask, we are pretty sure my car has put a spell on me)

This list can go on and on and on.............................

I suppose I need to look at the positive side - the insulation is sitting in the basement ready to go

To leave you on a positive note I came across this quote and had to share since "it was rather beautiful"